Explore the Benefits of Ankle Replacement in Texas

Ankle Replacement

Suppose you suffer a catastrophic injury or acquire a degenerative illness such as arthritis. In that case, ankle replacement could help you reduce discomfort, enhance your quality of life, and help you regain your flexibility. Nicolas Manriquez, DPM, FACFAS, of Katy Foot & Ankle, PLLC, has years of experience performing ankle replacement in Katy, TX. To set up an initial consultation, call the office or use the online booking service.

What Exactly Is Ankle Replacement?

Ankle replacement is a surgical treatment used to repair or replace a diseased or broken ankle joint. By substituting your cartilage and bone using a prosthetic, it is feasible to alleviate inflammation, pain, and restore movement.

Who Is the Right Candidate for an Ankle Replacement?

The practitioners at Katy Foot & Ankle, PLLC, suggest ankle replacement for persons with severe arthritis- a collection of disorders defined by joint swelling and discomfort.

Conservative procedures such as bespoke orthotics, physical therapy, and corticosteroid injections often treat mild to moderate arthritis. If your problems persist or impair your capacity to do daily duties, surgery could be ideal.

How Should You Get Ready for Ankle Replacement Surgery?

Katy Foot & Ankle, PLLC, checks your foot and ankle inquiries concerning your symptoms before considering ankle replacement surgery. Following that, they will request a set of X-rays or an MRI scan to assess the degree of the injury and design a care plan.

During the session, inform your clinician of any supplements or prescription medications you utilize regularly. Also, notify them of any hidden medical issues you have, such as a congenital heart defect or kidney disease.

These and other disorders could heighten the danger of surgical complications. Therefore, your doctor should manage them appropriately.

What Exactly Is Ankle Replacement?

Ankle replacement surgery is conducted with general anesthesia in a local hospital. Once you have fallen asleep, your surgeon will make a tiny cut above the ankle joint. They gently remove the injured cartilage and bone by inserting specific tools into the cut.

They will then substitute your joint with a plastic or metal prosthesis. The prosthetic joint is kept in position by screws and plates, and your surgeon patches the wound.

What Is the Recovery Process Like After an Ankle Replacement?

You will be in the hospital for a few days after having your ankle replaced. Your ankle is immobilized and raised to speed up the healing process.

It is typical to have edema and pain in the days following the procedure. Use your medication as directed and adhere to your surgeon’s recovery recommendations.

Physical rehabilitation starts immediately after you depart the hospital. Be patient and go to every therapy session. The more devoted you are to therapy, the less likely you will experience mobility problems or complications.

Katy Foot & Ankle, PLLC, only suggest ankle replacement as a last resort. Usually, more conservative procedures are sufficient.

To establish whether you are the right candidate for ankle replacement, schedule a consultation with Katy Foot & Ankle, PLLC. Call the office to talk to a team member or book online to get started.