6 Tips to Help You Recover from Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

arthroscopic knee surgery

Arthroscopic knee surgery is an effective way to relieve severe knee pain that fails to resolve conservative treatments. The procedure has become common, with almost one million people seeking it annually in the United States. The Katy knee arthroscopy specialists at Integrity Orthopedics perform the relatively quick procedure to clean up and mend the inside of the knee joint using a pencil-sized camera. Small incisions are made, unlike in conventional open knee surgery, making the healing time generally less. However, experts still insist on some post-op routines to make your recovery easy. Here are some recovery tips for you:

Pay Attention to Your Doctors Instruction

Your doctor will advise you accordingly following your arthroscopic knee surgery according to what is appropriate for your recovery. It is essential to follow the advice carefully, understanding that although your knee may not end up perfect, the instructions can help stimulate healing and reduce inflammation and pain. Probably, your procedure will be an outpatient procedure and what you do out of your doctor’s watch is vital for your recovery. Note down all the instructions for an easy reminder.

Take Medications Carefully

While your doctor might recommend some pain relievers after your treatment, it would be best if you took the medications exactly as your doctor recommended. Always avoid taking medications on an empty stomach to avoid irritation and lower your risks for stomach ulcers. Also, consult your provider on how long you should take what medications as some painkillers can be addictive.

Take It Easy During the First Days

While arthroscopic surgery will alleviate much of your pain almost immediately, be aware of the temptation to engage in any stannous activity. It would be good to rest your knee for the first few days. The only mild exercise you can do during this time is to elevate your leg while resting to avoid inflammation in your knee naturally. Note that complete inactivity is not recommended after a knee arthroscopy as the muscles and joints need to move and get enough blood supply to heal better. But return to activities gradually as your doctor shall advise.

Maintain Proper Dressing

Small incisions will be involved in your treatment, and your provider will cover the wounds with sanitized dressings as you leave the hospital. You will need to change and clean the dressings to keep the incisions clean and dry. Please follow your provider’s instructions carefully when dressing your wounds to avoid complications. You can use some antiseptic solution on the wound when changing the coverings. But remember, check with your doctor when applying something to the wound, mainly if prescribed.

Look for Signs of Infections

If you experience increased pain, pus drainage, fever, or swelling after your procedure, you might have an infection. If you notice such symptoms, contact your doctor soon to manage the infection. Even if you notice other symptoms, you might not understand, reach out to your doctor immediately.

Use Crutches

It is good to take some weight off your knee after surgery, and you might want to use crutches. If your job involves much walking, standing, lifting, or driving, you can take some time off to allow your knee to regain strength gradually. Ensure you find suitable crutches that fit your height to avoid other complications such as shoulder injury.

Book your arthroscopic knee surgery consultation appointment at Integrity Orthopedics to learn more about the treatment. Your provider will evaluate your knee pain and other symptoms to help you learn if you are suitable for the treatment.