Comprehensive Cosmetic and Restorative Oral Care in Washington

You might have an irritating tooth which suddenly turns into excruciating pain. Or maybe an acute injury has resulted in one or more missing teeth. These and many other dental issues necessitate emergency dentistry at EZ Dental Clinic located at the heart of Washington. Jasmine Bassali, DDS, and Ilya Miloslavskiy, DDS, provide same-day services to stop excessive bleeding, relieve pain, and maintain your teeth. If you are not certain that your condition needs urgent medical attention, schedule an appointment with the Bellevue emergency dentistry specialists to examine your symptoms.

Bellevue emergency dentistry

Meet The Providers

EZ Dental Clinic is an exceptional general dentistry practice serving Bellevue and the more extensive Washington area. The expert medical team of dentists specializes in dental healthcare and … Read the rest