Is It Time to Seek Periodontal Services?

Have you ever suffered gum inflammation? If so, you know how uncomfortable and excruciating the pain can be. Nearly 50 percent of adults over 30 years old suffer from gum disease. These soft tissue infections begin when plaque toxins attack the tissue surrounding your teeth. The experts at Conte Dentistry offer a wide range of periodontal services that can alleviate gum-related problems.

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What Are Periodontal Services?

Periodontal services are a type of dental treatment. They are aimed at preventing and treating gum disease. Essentially, gum disease can be defined as an infection of the tissue surrounding the mouth that causes inflammation. It is usually the result of bacteria and plaque buildup on the teeth.

Gum disease is easy to treat in its early stages. However, it can be difficult to reverse once the infection spreads or progresses.

Signs You Should Seek Periodontal Services

Overall, you should seek periodontal services every time you visit the dentist. This means you should have your gums checked regularly for signs of infection. That said, you should call your dentist immediately you notice the following symptoms:


Your gums can bleed if you prick yourself with a toothpick or hurt yourself while chewing on a bone. However, unexplained gum bleeding can be a tell-tale sign of gum disease. Seek medical help if you notice bleeding while eating or brushing your teeth. It could be an indicator that your gums are inflamed.

Chronic Bad Breath

Bad breath, or halitosis, is a nuisance. It is common and even expected after a night of drinking or having a spicy meal. However, if bad breath persists despite rigorous teeth cleaning, it could indicate gum disease. It is usually a first sign.

Loose Teeth

Loose teeth are a sign of advanced gum disease. They are usually caused by bone loss and gum recession. Overall, you will know your teeth are loose when they move during brushing or eating. Extreme cases will even include complete tooth loss.

Gum Recession

Gum recession refers to a condition where the gums are pulled back from the teeth. A common indicator is teeth that appear longer. If left untreated, gum recession can expose your teeth’s roots, which could leave it vulnerable to infection. It could also lead to tooth loss.

Tooth Sensitivity

Do you cringe when you sip a very cold or hot drink? You might be experiencing early signs of gum disease. A sudden sensitivity increase can be caused by gum recession. If left unaddressed, it can make it difficult for you to consume certain food and drinks.

Related Conditions

Periodontal services treat periodontitis. This condition has been associated with other health problems such as diabetes, osteoporosis, and heart disease. Generally, this is because bacterial gum infections can spread through the bloodstream to other parts of the body.

Final Thoughts

Left untreated, gum disease can result in serious problems such as tooth loss and inflammation. This is why it is crucial that you see a specialist immediately when you notice the signs discussed here. You can also schedule frequent visits to your dentist as a prevention method.

If you are experiencing pain from a gum-related infection, contact Louis Conte, DDS, and his team of dental professionals to book an assessment.