What You Need to Know About Dental Implants

Dental health is an essential part of our health and overall well-being. Just like any other part of the body, teeth may develop some problems. An example of such a problem is when you have a missing tooth. Patients with the need to replace a tooth in Mclean need not worry as dental implants in McLean are made comfortable, convenient, and effective.

dental implants in McLean

What is a dental implant?

Dental implants are small titanium posts that replace the natural tooth root in the case of tooth loss. The dentist puts a small screw made of titanium into the jaw at the missing tooth area, which acts to support a crown.

They use a series of dental instruments to expand the jawbone until it forms a space large enough to hold the implant rather than drilling directly into the bone. The dental implants look, feel, and generally performing precisely like natural teeth.

What are the benefits of dental implants?


A dental implant gives individual stability because it is fixed to your jawbone. The stability will prevent the implant from shifting on top of your gums.


They also relieve pressure from your gums because they connect to your dentures, reducing pain and discomfort. Dentures can irritate your gums, leading to sores and gum inflammation.


Unlike other dentures, dental implants can last for 25 years when cared for properly. Implants are durable and lasting. A dental implant also stimulates your bone, which prevents bone loss. An implant doesn’t require filing down some existing teeth as is necessary with a bridge.

How is the procedure of implants done?

The procedure requires a complete assessment to get ready for the procedure. It will involve:

  • Comprehensive dental exam – This will involve X-rays, and 3D pictures will be taken to have replicas made of your teeth and the jaw.
  • Review of your medical history – The doctor will need full disclosure of your overall oral health. This will help in the prevention of infections.
  • Cure plan- you will be booked according to your situation. Factors such as how many implants will be done and your jaw’s general condition will be taken into accounts.

If you are the right candidate, you will be booked for two appointments. At the first appointment, the titanium posts are inserted into your jawbone. After several months the bone fuses around the implant. On the second appointment your dentist will then attach an abutment which will hold as a crown.

What can you do to help your implant work?

The doctors at the center will recommend some measures that can help the implant to last longer. They include:

  • Exercise excellent oral hygiene – The implants should be kept clean just like your natural teeth.
  • Visit your dentist frequently – This will help you ensure that the implants are in good condition for your implants’ proper operation.
  • Maintain a proper chewing habit – The crowns are exceptionally delicate and, if you use them for chewing hard products, can be broken. Also, avoid staining caffeine products.

In conclusion, to determine what procedure is best for you, make an appointment with Aura Dentistry to learn more about this procedure.