Breast Augmentation: What You Need To Know

Every woman dreams of having sturdy breasts that attract not only attention but also mood. However, age and natural factors can influence the sturdiness of your breasts. The Peak Plastic Surgery Center specialists have been helping women achieve their beauty goals by giving their breasts a redefinition that uplifts confidence. Your Denver breast augmentation services provider uses cutting-edge technologies and modern surgical methods to ensure natural-looking results in every operation.

Denver breast augmentation

Secrets you didn’t know about breast augmentation

The breast augmentation procedure offers you a second attempt at addressing the size, skin, nipple position, or shape of the breasts. Dr. Barker has many techniques helpful in managing any of your breast concerns. When you walk into Peak Plastic Surgery Center, you will get various breast implants to help your breasts remain sturdy and attractive.

Why you should have a breast augmentation procedure

As a woman, you have many life goals, and beauty is often at the center of it all. Peak Plastic Surgery Center has consultation services where you can talk with your doctor about your surgery’s goals and expectations. The breast augmentation procedure will help increase the size of your breasts to the desired shape. Additionally, you can reshape your breasts to change the nipples’ position. Doctor Barker can also help you reduce your breasts’ size to the desired point to help you minimize attention and possible controversy they create.

What to expect during a breast augmentation procedure

Doctor Barker will first anesthetize you to increase comfort during the procedure. The augmentation procedure takes about an hour, and it is an in-office procedure. After the procedure, your doctor will give you several precautions to relax and heal much faster. You will receive a surgical bra that will help you cope in the proceding six weeks after the surgery

Post-surgery care after a breast augmentation procedure

Peak Plastic Surgery Center offers checkup services to help you cope or report any development that seems out of place. After the surgery, Doctor Barker will close the incisions points using dissolvable sutures. Additionally, your doctor will sterilize the regions of incisions to keep away germs. You will have to wear the post-surgery dressing until the post-operative visit, usually one week after the augmentation surgery.

Precaution to take after a breast augmentation surgery

The delicacy of the procedure requires you to take many precautions after the surgery. The most special precautions include:

  •  Wearing a no-wire surgical bra in the first six weeks of the surgery
  •  Taking care when showering; you can shower during the first day of the surgery
  •  You will also need to take over-the-counter medications such as Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen to help you  calm down during the painful phases
  •  The stitches and dressing’s delicacy demands that you avoid strenuous duties for about 4-6 weeks after the surgery.

Breasts are at the center of a woman’s life, and having the best will improve your mood and ultimately your productivity. Visit Peak Plastic Surgery Center to have your breasts redefined to your desired shape and size.