Get to Learn and Understand More About Disc Replacement in Dayton

Disc Replacement

When one has problems or concerns with their spinal discs, it can result in various painful and concerning symptoms that disrupt how you carry on with your daily activities. However, there is no need to worry about such concerns because different treatment options, including disc replacement, can alleviate your pain symptoms, leaving you more comfortable. That is why disc replacement in Dayton is done by a team of experts who effectively relieve your symptoms and assist you to get back to your everyday life.

Why Might You Need a Disc Replacement?

Generally, a spinal disc is a rubbery pad positioned between one vertebra and the next in your spinal cord. The discs serve various functions, including allowing for mobility of your spine and absorbing shock. They also cushion your vertebrae and prevent spinal bones from rubbing against each other. Therefore, a problem with your discs causes concerns or issues like tingling, severe pain, limited mobility, and numbness. Degenerative disc diseases like arthritis and age are common and the most significant contributors to disc problems. And with time, your disc might wear out and lose its cushioning. Therefore, disc replacement also referred to as arthroplasty, is treating worn-out or damaged spinal discs using artificial discs to replace them.

What Does Disc Replacement Involve?

The doctors can help determine if disc replacement is suitable for you, especially if you are suffering or having problems with your spinal discs. Therefore, during your appointment, the specialist discusses your condition and any treatment option you have had in the past. They also perform thorough evaluations, including reviewing your medical history, physical examination, and imaging tests like MRI, X-ray, or CT scan.

In most cases, disc replacement surgeries are usually performed in the lumbar region or lower back. After anesthesia has been administered, the specialist makes an incision on your abdomen to help him get access to your damaged disc. Once the damaged disc is removed, a new artificial disc replaces it, and the incision is closed. The procedure takes approximately two to three hours. Your new disc thus relieves pressure on nearby nerves, thus restoring your flexibility and alleviates pain. However, for some people, disc replacement surgery is performed instead of spinal fusion.

What Are the Risks of Disc Replacement?

Like other surgical procedures, disc replacement is not an exception because it is also accompanied by various risks. They include spinal stenosis, infection, increased stiffness of the spine, discoloration, or dislodging of the replacement disc. However, the specialist and experts in the facility can help you understand the benefits and risks of disc replacement before starting the procedure. They are among the most experienced surgeons regarding disc replacement surgery because they have successfully performed more than hundreds of procedures.

Therefore, if you or someone close to you is experiencing some symptoms like pain due to damage of your spinal discs no need to bear its symptoms because various treatment options, including disc replacement, are made available. Call or visit Vertrae today to have your discs replaced to enable you to resume your daily activities.