Tips to Help You Maintain White Teeth

Whether your teeth are already white or have just had a whitening treatment, you need to understand that you have some work to maintain clean, white teeth and preserve a beautiful, sparkling smile. Just the same way you do not want to drive through mud puddles following a car wash, you also want to take care of your teeth to ensure they remain white. To help ensure your teeth stay healthy for longer, you want to follow these tips. If you live in Emerson, Family Dentistry services at Emerson Dental Arts can help you in your endeavor. We help with family dental needs and our family dentist will visit your home to offer dental treatment and dental care tips. The following tips are useful to help you maintain white teeth.

Emerson, Family Dentistry

Minimize staining liquids

You are probably a coffee enthusiastic, meaning that you will reach out to a cup of Joe every morning. You may also be a lover of cold soda, especially cola in the afternoons. If you drink these beverages often, you will notice that your teeth will begin to lose their bright appearance. Red wine, tea, cola, and coffee are some of the liquids that cause teeth staining. If you want your teeth to stay white, cut back on drinking these beverages. If you cannot live without them, you may consider using a straw, particularly after having your teeth whitening treatment.

Do away with tobacco

Using tobacco not only causes your teeth to stain, but it also contributes to tongue discoloration. Tobacco use has many other oral health risks including gum disease, dulled tasting abilities, oral cancer, and slower healing following a dental procedure. Quitting smoking can help improve your teeth’s appearance, and it is suitable for your overall dental health.

Brush teeth regularly

You want to ensure that you brush your teeth regularly using appropriate toothpaste that can whiten your teeth. Whitening toothpaste tends to work by gently polishing the teeth and removing surface stains on the enamel. Brushing is a simple procedure, but it provides immense benefits to your teeth; not just whitening but also keeping the teeth healthy and strong.

Go for touch-up treatments

Consider touch-up treatments about every 6 to 12 months. If you drink many stain-causing beverages or smoke, you may need the touch up more often. While whitening treatment is not made to last permanently, it can give you a reason to smile. If you have exposed your teeth to beverages and foods that contribute to staining, you may find that a whitening procedure is ideal. Coupled with the tips mentioned above, you can maintain clean, white teeth for longer.

Dr. Katz of Emerson Dental Arts offers a variety of dental treatments in-house. He takes care of your basic dental needs, including cleaning and cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening procedures. Schedule an appointment with your dentist at Emerson Dental Arts for all your family dental care needs.