Gum Contouring Surgery

Gum Contouring Surgery

Are you unhappy with how your gums and teeth look? Find out if you are the right candidate for gum contouring surgery and visit Enamel for dental emergencies in Newport Beach to  For you to get the desired outcome in any cosmetic procedure, you have to visit a specialized doctor, most likely someone with additional training in cosmetic dentistry. Gum contouring or tissue sculpting can help even out an uneven gum line giving you confidence while smiling.   The procedure has benefits and risks associated with it.

Benefits of gum contouring

Of all the cosmetic dentistry procedures, gum contouring is the most transformative offering you many aesthetic benefits; for instance, you can smile confidently and clean your teeth correctly.

Removing excess gum tissue

 If you have excess gum tissue that extends down onto the teeth, gum contouring is best for you. Your dentist will safely remove the gum tissue. This helps to expose more of your teeth surfaces making the teeth appear longer and more proportionate with other facial features.

Creating a more even gum line

For persons with uneven gum lines, gum contouring is done to create more even gum lines. Often people with jagged gum lines are cautious when they smile. The uneven gum line makes the teeth appear unhealthy and crooked. After a gum reshaping surgery, you will be able to smile comfortably, and this can boost your self-esteem.

It is permanent

 Once the gum tissue is removed, it does not regenerate; this encourages many people to undergo the procedure. Most people, while undergoing gum contouring surgery, look forward to their gums maintaining the new shape. You have a role to place also—a commitment to keeping the gum healthy and clean to prevent loss of further gums to periodontal disease.

It is safe

It is one of the safest of surgeries, be it oral or other forms of surgery. Although all surgeries have risk associated with it, gum contouring has a very low risk of bleeding and infection. If you have gum disease, you have to heal first before undertaking gum contouring surgery. You will get the best results if you adhere to post-surgical instructions keenly. The recovery period is short and has no complications.

Risks of gum contouring surgery

After undergoing a gum contouring procedure, you may end up facing a few challenges. The process can put you at risk of developing gingivitis.  It causes your gums to turn red and swollen. You might also develop bleeding gums mostly while brushing.  Gingivitis can also cause sore gums that are tender to touch.

Another risk factor associated with the procedure is the relapse of gum tissue.  Some people have also reported having allergic reactions to the anesthetic used.

In conclusion, gum contouring is a healthy and less risky procedure. At Enamel in Newport Beach, they offer the procedure at a cost-friendly price. They do post-surgery follow up to ensure that you are delighted with the results. Their main goal is to reinvent your smile, give you confidence, and boost your self-esteem. If you feel you need gum contouring for your gum, do not hesitate to visit.