Lasting Treatment Solutions for Heart & Vascular Conditions in Texas

Heart & Vascular Conditions

Heart and vascular health issues are among the leading causes of death in the US. If not addressed early enough, aside from being life-threatening, these health concerns can affect the overall life quality of an individual. Fortunately, at Heart and Vascular Care, in Plano, TX, board-certified cardiologist Dr. Bhupinder Singh MD, has vast knowledge and years of experience in treating a wide range of heart and vascular diseases. Call Heart and Vascular Care or go online to request an appointment today.

Meet Your Providers

Dr. Bhupinder Singh, MD, and Dr. Navneet Singh are the leading providers at Heart and Vascular Care. Dr. Navneet is a cardiology physician assistant, whereas Dr. Bhupinder holds board-certifications in interventional cardiology, vascular ultrasound, nuclear … Read the rest