A Healthy Heart, a Happy Life

As they say, health is wealth, and having good health is grateful for every one. Health problems like heart disease can be severe and hard to endure. As much as we get good health naturally, it’s essential for us to live healthy lifestyles to maintain our healthy lives. Cardiovascular disorders affect our heart and dramatically affects the quality of our lives. Syed Bokhari, MD, FACC is a board-certified cardiologist at Advanced Cardiovascular Care committed to offering quality heart healthcare. The specialist in cardiac catheterization in Riverside, California, provides useful services to evaluate your heart’s condition for a healthy functioning heart.

Advanced Cardiovascular Care combines advanced technology, medical expertise, and individualized, compassionate care to provide the best heart healthcare. They take pride in serving residents of California in the Riverside area. Since 2005, they have excelled in providing efficient heart and vascular care using the most advanced knowledge and skills and have helped many people enjoy their lives. Dr. Bokhari and the highly skilled team at Advanced Cardiovascular Care are warm and friendly to their patients, providing them with a comfortable environment for their treatments.

The cardiologist’s team offers personalized care to their patients. They take time to know their patients and understand their health needs. The specialists are highly skilled and competent in using advanced care to develop treatments that best fit you. They are highly trained and passionate about their work, striving to offer the best healthcare facility for heart, vascular diseases, and interventions. The team provides loving care for their patients, where they put the patients’ needs first. They love interacting with their patients to provide them with best-individualized care to meet their needs.

Healthy health

They offer services and care for:

Peripheral Vascular Disease

It is the hardening of blood vessels outside the heart and brain. It affects the leg’s arteries and, when left untreated, can lead to more severe diseases like heart attack and stroke. Visit Dr. Bokhari at Advanced Cardiovascular Care for compassionate care and treatments.

Adult Cardiology Care

Dr. Bokhari offers more advanced knowledge on how to take care and maintain your heart health and the best treatments to give the best results. Call to schedule your appointment.

Minimally Invasive Procedures

The Advanced Cardiovascular Care cardiologist, Dr. Bokhari, offers effective minimally invasive heart surgery procedures that lower your risk of complications and helps you recover in a short period. Call them today to schedule your consultation.

Heart health is equally important as life itself. At Advanced Cardiovascular Care, they are committed to providing the highest quality heart healthcare to California communities. The board-certified cardiologist, Dr. Bokhari, and his team are dedicated to offering individualized care to meet your health needs. They are loving and caring towards their patients, striving to meet their goals regarding heart health. They are highly skilled and use advanced medical techniques for effective diagnostic and treatment procedures for vascular and heart diseases and intervention. They offer outstanding customer service providing care with an excellent environment for their treatments. For your heart health needs and treatments, visit them at their office in Riverside, California today.