How Telepsychiatry Works and How You Can Benefit From the Practice

While some people find it awkward communicating to their doctor via a screen, others find the comfort of their home satisfying and safe. Psychological issues like anxiety and schizophrenia need you to be comfortable and in an environment conducive to sharing your feelings with your doctor. In such instances, your doctor might offer their services via video conferencing software instead of a face-face-communication. Your Jacksonville telepsychiatry specialist, Satyen Madkaiker, provides psychiatric services to his patients in distant locations or those that feel comfortable getting treatment from the comfort of their homes. The professional offers complex medication management and advanced treatment to ensure his patients cope well with their psychological conditions.

Jacksonville telepsychiatry

How are you likely to benefit from telepsychiatry?

Telepsychiatry allows professionals to reach their various patients spread out in distant locations. Though the practice does not permit you to be in the same office with your psychiatrist, the treatment creates a feeling of privacy, security, and safety.

The treatment is not reserved for specific individuals. Telepsychiatry is suitable for all your family members. It is preferable if you are autistic or have severe anxiety disorders. Opening up on personal issues in the comfort of your home helps you feel relaxed. There are multiple ways you can benefit from telepsychiatry. They include:

  • Enhancing your access to mental health that might otherwise be unavailable, especially if you are in remote areas
  • Minimizing delay in care
  • Improving continuity of psychiatric care and follow-up
  • Reducing stigmatization
  • You do not have to take time off to attend your appointment
  • Minimizing potential transportation worries
  • You will set your appointment at your convenient time
  • Avoiding long queues in a hospital lobby
  • You have minimal chances of contracting an infectious infection in a crowd of people.

How does telepsychiatry work?

The service works like an in-person appointment. You will need to contact your doctor, who will give you a referral to a psychiatrist. Your doctor may set up the meeting in his office or give you an appointment time when you can contact the professional at home. Before video conferencing, you must ensure you have all the relevant information and records, if any, including prescription details. You might need to note down questions or concerns you will like to have your psychiatrist address.

The professional may:

  • Prescribe medications
  • Schedule a follow-up appointment
  • Design your treatment plan

The practice is similar to an in-office appointment in terms of:

  • Accurate diagnosis
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Effectiveness of treatment
  • Quality care

For your appointment to be effective, you must ensure

  • Your choice of location is private
  • You have an internet connection
  • Your communication device is working properly
  • You have minimal distractions
  • You have a paper and pen to note your doctor’s specific instructions.

Telepsychiatry makes it possible for patients and their doctors to connect from miles away. Additionally, if you feel more comfortable talking to your doctor at home or do not want to spend several hours driving and waiting in lines for your appointment with your doctor, book an online appointment today to discuss your psychological worries with your doctor at your convenience.