4 Signs You Need to See a Pain Management Specialist

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If you experience a new injury or have lived with chronic pain for a while because of a medical condition, you understand how challenging it can be. While your problem might be entirely different from that of someone else, one thing is for sure: pain not properly managed can be the cause of misery to anyone and affect their quality of life. It gets significantly worse if you are dealing with chronic joint pain. Whether the problem is in your hips or knees, it can affect your mobility significantly. Thankfully, with Louisville joint pain specialists, you can be confident in finding long-term pain relief.

Some people may not know whether the pain they are experiencing warrants seeking medical attention. While … Read the rest

Causes and Complications of Osteomyelitis

Osteomyelitis is an infection of the bone. The bone can acquire an infection from nearby tissues or the infection can travel from a distant site to the bone through the bloodstream. Some people in Mason who have osteomyelitis do not have any symptoms. The symptoms of osteomyelitis include fever and chills and the area that is affected feels warmer than the surrounding areas. The condition also presents with fatigue.

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The severity of the symptoms varies in different people and sometimes these symptoms can be non-specific and mimic symptoms of other diseases. In Mason, joint pain can be caused by osteomyelitis occurring in the joint, especially in elderly people or after trauma to a joint. If you have any of the … Read the rest