Is Functional Medicine Effective?

Your Greenwich Village functional medicine doctor embraces the use of alternative medicine rather than the usual conventional medicine. However, even as functional medicine continues to gain popularity, few people understand what functional medicine is and how it works. A good physician is one who treats the disease; however, a great physician is one that treats a patient with a disease. The root of functional medicine is derived from the scientific modern medicine technique, and it focuses on improving the person as a whole.

Unlike other treatments with a functional doctor, the first step towards healing is determining why you got sick in the first place. This makes it easy for the doctor to restore the problem from the root, hence guaranteeing that you may not have to deal with the issue again. The human body has various variables; environmental factors, lifestyle, personality, and genetic makeup are just a few. On the other hand, traditional medicine operates as a scientific experiment. However, when the problem becomes more complex, it becomes even hard to find a solution.

Does the medicine work?

When it comes to functional medicine and whether it works, it depends on the type of results you expect to achieve. This medicine focuses on identifying the problem from its roots. Therefore, instead of concentrating on the ailing part like traditional medication, functional treatment is about understanding the body’s different functionalities. Your functional doctor takes time to understand you as a patient. While taking time with you, the doctor understands different variables that make you unique as a person. Therefore, it allows the doctor to know the best medication and guarantee that the real problem is identified.


The treatment mostly works for trauma, acute diseases, emergencies, and infections. However, it also has a significant impact on chronic diseases; something modern medicine has yet to resolve.

The only difference with functional medicine is that every patient is different, and the response to medicine also differs. There may not be one medication that will work in treating the same problem to different patients. In other words, the uniqueness of every person is translated differently in medication. Functional medicine comes in different versions to meet various personal specifications.

There are also instances where a person may show different conditions, but all come from the same cause. Functional medicine will identify the conditions and classify them with their cause, making it easy for them to get healing.

Functional medicine is the new way of bouncing back and regaining your health. It ensures to eliminate the problem from the roots with minimal concern of how the results should be. Instead, the medication focuses on the actual problems. However, as you choose functional medicine, it is essential to understand that your body might react differently to the medication. Therefore, you should allow your doctor to examine you individually for tailor-made medicine. Functional medicine proves to be functional in scientifically handling different body variables. It guarantees that you regain health and ensure that the problem is eliminated for your advantage.