Benefits of Miradry Treatment

Miradry Treatment

Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States and is often on the cutting edge of medical progress. One such development is miradry treatments and you should see a Chicago miradry specialist if you suffer from excessive sweat.

Miradry is a non-surgical treatment that uses microwave energy targeted to the sweat glands to significantly reduce sweat production. It is FDA approved and can reduce sweat production by up to 90%.

The condition of producing excess sweat is called hyperhidrosis and affects more than 37 million Americans. Miradry is growing drastically as a solution for hyperhidrosis due to its benefits which include:

  1. Less Use of Harmful Chemicals

The foremost solution to excessive sweat is the use of deodorant either in the form of roll-ons or sprays. However, what you might not know is that deodorants contain many harmful substances. The ingredients used in some deodorants are extremely harmful to your health especially when applied for a long time.

Some of the dangerous chemicals in deodorants include aluminum and parabens. Therefore, if you choose miradry to address your excessive sweating, you reduce the number of toxic chemicals you apply to your body every day. Your overall health will benefit from the procedure.

  1. One Time Treatment

Another benefit of miradry treatment is that it is a one-time treatment. You don’t have to endure the cumbersome trips to the doctor as you would with other cosmetic procedures. The benefit of undergoing miradry treatment is that it is so potent that all you need is one treatment and you will remedy excessive sweating for the rest of your life. However, there are things you might do that may impact the results of the treatment such as engaging in negative lifestyle habits.

  1. Permanent and Immediate Results

After only one miradry treatment, you enjoy the results forever. It is unlike other medical procedures where the results last for a few years or months only to be repeated which can have a significant toll on your body.

Not only are the results permanent but there are also immediate. You should feel and notice a significant reduction in your sweat production the very next day after the procedure. The treatment will take only about one hour depending on the person conducting the procedure. One hour of treatment for a lifetime of results is an extremely beneficial deal whichever way you look at it. You also do not require any downtime to recover from the procedure because there are no incisions made. Therefore, miradry is not only effective, it is also very convenient.

  1. No More Deodorant Stains

One of the great benefits of miradry treatment is that you no longer have to constantly use deodorant. The deodorant stains on your shirts that are so hard to get rid of will be a thing of the past.

First, it makes doing laundry a lot easier especially if you do it by hand. Secondly, your shirts retain their integrity for a long time as opposed to the vivid deodorant stains you had before. The lack of deodorant stains make people feel more confident and be freer when they interact with others.