Enhance Overall Health and Fitness Through Customized Nutrition and Exercise Regimens

Whether you aim for peak performance, restoring the function of a traumatized joint, or getting into shape, exercising and maintaining proper nutrition is essential. NY FITPROS is an exceptional practice, offering training and programs patients need to achieve optimal health, regardless of their present fitness level. For around 20 years, their medical exercise professionals and personal trainers have helped patients enhance strength, lose weight, build energy, and boost their overall health and fitness using customized nutrition and exercise regimens. Schedule a consultation with New Rochelle Yoga specialists today to learn more about their practice.

New Rochelle Yoga

About Medical Providers

NY FITPROS comprises multi-certified and accredited fitness and health practitioners. The trainers at this facility are not your standard personal trainers; they are all certified medical exercise specialists. Thus, they are skilled in innovative medical-based training and knowledgeable on how exercise can manage or improve symptoms of chronic health issues, like high blood pressure, chronic pain, obesity, diabetes, and arthritis.

The lead providers at NY FITROS are Dr. Lidia Lidagoster and Dr. Zoovia Hamiduddin. All their techniques are evidence-based, meaning patients can be guaranteed of the safest and most effective techniques. Besides, all providers are compassionate and caring. They seek to create the safest and most comfortable environment for patients to relax and unwind. The expert medical team is always available to respond to any questions or queries about the practice.

About Practice

The highly-skilled and experienced coaches and trainers at NY FITPROS only incorporate the best conventional and advanced training techniques and disciplines. Some of the featured medical technology include FIT3D Body Scanner and MYZone heart rate monitor. The comprehensive and unique mind-body approach to personalized patient care is structured first to identify the underlying cause of the patient’s condition. After determining the prevailing condition, these providers take a multidisciplinary approach to patient care that’s developed to guide, motivate, and educate patients on overcoming obstacles and limitations that may hinder them from achieving optimal health and wellness.

The team of professionals at NY FITPROS provides an extensive selection of services. These include strength and conditioning training, healthy lifestyle & performance booster coaching, sports nutrition, and specific training while combining conventional and advanced exercise disciplines. Other services offered include healthy aging, massage therapy, adaptive and conventional yoga, post-clinical chronic pain rehabilitation, rejuvenation and longevity services, stress management, meditation, and mindfulness. To get started on a nutrition and exercise regimen that will lead you towards full potential, schedule a consultation.

In conclusion, the team of medical experts at NY FITPROS has helped thousands of patients lead lives of good overall health and wellness through their customized nutrition and exercise programs. Whether you are struggling with excessive weight, mood disorders, or chronic pain, you can benefit from their services. To access comprehensive health care, which will kickstart your immediate and lasting health and fitness goals, maneuver past any obstacles and limitations, and lead you to full body functionality, get in touch with NY FITPROS by calling the office or use the convenient online scheduling tool.