Advanced Non-Surgical Pain Management Treatment Options in NJ

Pain Management Treatment

Thousands of people in the U.S. experience chronic pain at some point. The pain can result from injury, surgery, or other medical conditions. Regardless of the primary cause of your chronic pain, you should consider getting proper medical care to help relieve your pain. At Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine, Dr. Kevin McElroy and the double board-certified physicians provide an effective and comprehensive treatment plan using nonsurgical options. They carefully evaluate the patients and recommend the best treatment option. Read on if you are experiencing recurring or chronic pain and are looking for the best nonsurgical treatment options.

What Are the Available Nonsurgical Pain Management Treatments?

There are different customized pain management treatments to manage your pain, depending on the underlying cause of the pain. Some of the best nonsurgical options include the following;

  • Botox For Pain Management

Botulinum toxin, commonly known as Botox, is commonly linked with the cosmetic treatment of wrinkles. However, the treatment is also effective in relieving pain. The treatment has been approved for pain management by the FDA and is covered by most insurance. Botox functions by relaxing or weakening specific muscles with precise accuracy. The pain management specialists at Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine use Botox to treat pain resulting from tight muscle conditions such as chronic migraines, headaches, back pain, arthritis, nerve pain, and more. They combine Botox injections with other innovative treatments, including physical therapy, acupuncture, nerve blocks, and osteopathic manipulation, to offer effective treatment.

  • Acupuncture And Electroacupuncture

Acupuncture and electroacupuncture are the most effective pain and musculoskeletal injury treatments to boost healing. Acupuncture is an innovative biochemical and neuroanatomical treatment of inflammation and pain. Electroacupuncture advances traditional acupuncture by combining electrical stimulation to improve the effects of needling by acupuncture. Both treatments help to relieve pain by enhancing blood flow to the area, relaxing the pressure in the neuromusculoskeletal system, and boosting the release of growth factors by the body to boost healing.

  • Percutaneous ElectroNeuro Stim (PENS)

There is a wide range of nerve stimulation devices, most placed on the skin topically without penetrating it. PENS is a Biowave Pro System and the most effective device because it provides deep stimulation to the special nerve pain fibers called A-delta fibers and C-fibers responsible for transmitting painful signals. Research has revealed that the stimulation shuts off these pain nerves, offering immediate relief. The pain relief becomes long-lasting with time.

  • Interventional Pain Injections

This is another effective nonsurgical procedure that helps you eliminate or reduce pain. However, you need to find an experienced pain management specialist for the pain injections to work. Otherwise, the injections will only give you short-term pain relief without any meaningful long-term improvement. Interventional pain injections can be used to manage several conditions, including; neck, arm, shoulder, hip, leg, and back pain management.

Painful conditions can significantly lower your quality of life. If you are struggling with injury or pain and are searching for the most advanced and effective treatment, Dr. McElroy and the team at Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine will carefully diagnose and offer customized nonsurgical treatment options. Call or book an appointment with them today for the best nonsurgical solution to your pain.