What you need to know about Regenerative Medicine

When you start aging, some body tissues wear and tear, making you develop some complications like back pain, joint pain, and nerve diseases. Moreover, conditions, defects, and damages also may interfere with your tissues and nerves. However, your body can be in a position to regenerate other tissues while, to some extent, it cannot. Due to the growth of technology and research in the medical institution, specialists have come up with a technique of regenerating worn-out tissues called regenerative medicine. There are several types of regenerative therapies in the health world today. If you have issues with tissues, a regenerative medicine specialist in Columbus is the best in restoring your worn-out tissues. Below are examples of regenerative medicine techniques.

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The major types of regenerative medicine

There are four types of regenerative medicine therapy available for you as a patient. This field is so advanced that the body is capable of healing its tissues or otherwise regenerating them. However, according to research, not all patients who suffer from tissue complications are candidates for regenerative medicine treatment. Before it is done, the doctor will take you through an examination to determine the overall health of your body. If you have no health issues, then you are the best candidate for regenerative medicine. Types of regenerative medicine include:

  • Platelets-rich plasma. According to specialists, your platelets and plasma can heal and regenerate injured tissues. Your doctor takes some of your blood and extracts platelets and plasma. The platelets and plasma are made as a solution and then injected into the injured area. The solution repairs and heals your tissues after a few days.
  • Cartilage regeneration. Cartilage regeneration is a type of regenerative medicine that deals with healing musculoskeletal conditions. Since cartilages do not have enough supply of oxygen for them to heal, a specific solution needs to be injected into the affected area for healing. It is an ideal treatment for patients who are 55 years old.
  • Stem cell treatments. Stem cell treatment uses some special type of cells to repay injured tissues. Most of the time stem cells heal back pain, neck pain and regenerate nerves that are damaged by herniated spinal disks. During treatment, your doctor extracts some fat, blood, and bone marrow passes them through a centrifugal machine to remove impurities. A solution is then made from the components, which are then injected into the affected area.
  • Prolotherapy is based on treating movable parts such as joints and connective tissues. Your doctor uses solutions like saline and dextrose to treat joints problems in the hands, knees, shoulders, hips, and neck. The solution heals the affected part by repairing the affected tendons and ligaments in the joints.

Regenerative medicine requires a professional doctor to extract samples from your body and make a solution that will be injected into the affected area. Medical Wellness Group is the best health center with highly trained doctors to perform regenerative medicine. Visit them today and see the difference.