Health Benefits of Infusion Therapy Over Oral Supplements

Your nutritionist will always advise you to drink lots of water and practice healthy dieting if you want to feel energetic and look good physically. Though the practices are effective, you will have to wait for quite some time to start witnessing results. However, with an IV infusion, your doctor could bypass your digestive system and directly administer doses of nutrients to your bloodstream resulting in speedy results. Robertson Wellness and Aesthetics is a professional wellness clinic providing holistic care to patients. The professionals provide high-level care to their clients with various wellness issues.

Below are the wellness services you can get at the facility:

IV therapy

The infusion therapy works by sending a personalized nutrients cocktail to your bloodstream. The process is similar to a blood transfusion, only that you will be receiving vitamins instead of blood. During the treatment, your doctor will look for a healthy vein to insert an IV drip. Since the experience is calming, your doctor will advise you to relax as the nutrients move straight to your bloodstream.

After the treatment, you will experience a great deal of improvement in your overall health. You will realize that you are energetic and alert throughout your day. IV therapy has various benefits. They include:

  • Instant rehydration. Drinking water could help quench your thirst. However, it will not get to your bloodstream as fast as getting it through infusion.
  • Speedy results. One thing you will most probably notice with IV infusion is its effectiveness. Unlike oral supplements that might take you time to see results, the nutrients you absorb through IV therapy bypass your digestive system, aiming for your bloodstream.
  • Relieve you from hangovers. Drinking alcohol could dehydrate your body, depleting it of essential nutrients and this is why you are most likely to have a severe headache after a hangover. Additionally, drinking alcohol forces your liver to create and release toxins in your body resulting in dizziness and nausea.

The good thing about infusion therapy is, it applies to anyone with a healthy lifestyle. However, your doctor will not use it as your diet substitute or your lifestyle’s replacement. What an IV infusion does is complement your health goals, boosting them to a higher level.

Mobile services

At Robertson Wellness and Aesthetics, the team of experts aims at making their services available for you wherever you are. The team understands that coming down to the facility could be daunting and therefore make their IV infusion therapy available to everyone. The infusion services the team offers range from energy drips to migraine treatments. Other mobile IV services you could also request include:

  • Hangover drips
  • Vitamins infusion
  • Detox cocktails
  • Weight loss injections
  • Immunity drips
  • High-dose vitamin C infusions

You are likely to benefit from the mobile services if you are suffering from everyday issues like dehydration, hangovers, jetlag, and food poisoning. Since your doctor could quickly recommend an IV infusion therapy, you have no reason to go about your day feeling worn out.

IV infusion treatment is very effective and you will immediately notice your desired results depending on the treatment you want. Contact the experts to discuss your options for speedy treatment to replenish your nutrients and vitamins.