Comprehensive Telehealth Services in San Fernando, Los Angeles

Today, the medical field has seen a significant revolution in accessing medical treatment and advice. If you or your child can’t go to the physical health practice because of lack of time or health issues, telehealth offers a good option. Anytime you require health consultation for your child, telehealth provides you with convenient and quick access from anywhere you are. At Kids & Teens Medical Group, the team of board-certified pediatricians provides effective San Fernando telehealth services 24/7. Call or schedule an appointment online today to book a telehealth visit with the board-certified pediatric specialists!

What Exactly Is Telehealth?

While this might sound like a term you are hearing for the first time, it simply refers to diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment through telecommunications technology for all patients, including kids and teens.  Telehealth allows clinicians to diagnose, advise, prescribe medications without meeting or examining them physically. They also arrange for the medicines to get to the patients wherever they are.

Unlike the traditional telephone services in which the doctor relies on an oral explanation of symptoms from the patient, telehealth uses virtual technologies such as Telegram, Video Calls, and WhatsApp. If there is a need for a one-on-one checkup, the medical staff will call you for an inpatient visit.

Why Should You Consider Telehealth Services?

Several benefits come with using telehealth services than traditional hospital visits. Telehealth saves you the money you would otherwise need to spend on transport. More so, telehealth services are less expensive than other urgent care appointments. Telehealth also helps save time, particularly for chronic conditions patients who need a regular visit to the health center.

In general, telehealth services are more convenient as you get diagnosed at the comfort of your home or office and you are referred to the closest pharmacy immediately. The pediatricians at Kids & Teens Medical Group are dedicated to offering you the best telehealth services for your kids and teens. Check out if your insurance covers your telehealth services with various insurance companies providing telehealth cover.

What Should You Expect During a Telehealth Appointment?

When you get a telehealth appointment, you will speak with a physician through the technology of your preference. The platform offers efficient services, including; digital patient registration, a two-way definition, secure online payment, prescription management, HIPAA compliance, and even chat-sharing abilities.

Like a traditional office visit, the clinician will ask you about your symptoms or those of your kid, health history, or medications you have been using recently. When communicating through video technology, the health provider can easily assess physical symptoms like skin rashes, open wounds, and enlarged veins.  The doctor will then recommend the best treatment and medication for you or guide you to the medical center for more testing.

In conclusion, telehealth medicine provides convenient access to high-quality medical care in the comfort of your place. In the current Covid Pandemic, telehealth services are the best you’re your safety. For more information about telehealth services for you, your kids, or teens and begin the connection, call Kids & Teens Medical Group today and follow their guide!