Importance of Sedation Dentistry


Do you have fear when going for dental treatments? Dental procedures can be scary, and you should opt for dental sedation during a visit to your dentist. You should look for an Irvine sedation dentistry expert near you who offers satisfactory services. Your dentist should be a good listener and understand any form of service that the patient needs—the reason I highly recommend sedation dentistry. Read on to know why you would need sedation dentistry.

Pain Sedation Experts Lower Anxiety

Sedation dental experts provide excellent services to the patients, which is critical for dental health as it helps elevate the anxiety related to dental care. Your sedation dentists should handle all stations with care. The clinic should offer intrinsic pain relief, which is critical for better dental health. Sedation puts you off, and you will not feel any pain, and it reduces the discomfort during dental operations. Next time you visit the clinic, you will not fear getting the dental procedures, and it will improve all future treatment plans.

Quality Dental Care

Some dental procedures like implants could be painful without proper sedation; fortunately, you can reduce the pain with appropriate sedation. Sedation ensures you receive quality dental care which improves the overall health. Moreover, it is possible to deal with other serious oral health issues such as oral cancer with proper dental sedation.

Procedures Will Be Done Right

All procedures to be followed in the provision of the sedation services will be done right. This is assured since these services you will ask for will be carried about by highly qualified individuals and have good experiences. The experts are at least at risk of making mistakes when offering services.

Your Needs Will Be Understood

Any consultations you will make here are well taken and expect that your needs will be understood. The sedation experts have one quality that is of good listening skills, and this means at the consultation stage, your instructions will be taken into consideration. The services that you ask for will be provided. Any form of services that you will seek will be provided.

It Has Innovative Solutions

There is no problem brought here by patients that are left unhandled. The institution has innovative solutions experts who always find a solution to all problems. You are assured that your situation will eventually be dealt with; it offers satisfactory solutions.

Treatments Have a High Success Rate

Treatments that you are going to seek here have high chances of being successful. This is because the experts offer the services. Each field has adequate experts who can provide very satisfying services. Any form of treatment that you will seek here will be at a high success rate.


I would likely recommend sedation dentistry for people who have issues with anxiety during dentist’s visits. You should choose a clinic where the doctors and the staff will treat you with kindness, and your wishes will be granted as they offer their services with a lot of care. They are experts in what they do, meaning that any procedure they will conduct will be successful, and you will be a satisfied patient. Good luck finding the right sedation dentist who meets your needs.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Are you nervous about making that trip to your dentist? Do you get anxious whenever you think of the idea of scheduling an appointment? Well, there is no need to shake in your shoes anymore because sedation dentistry might be the solution you desperately need. It may sound dramatic, but it makes a significant difference. Sedation dentistry, also known as sleep dentistry, involves medication to help dentists recover. For instance, Encino sedation dentistry uses various forms of medicine, from minimal to deep sedation. It could be through inhaling, oral sedation via a pill, IV, and general anesthesia. The sedation is administered based on the procedure being done and how anxious the patient is.

Before making an appointment, ensure you consult with your dentist and know the factors contributing to your sedation. Talking through your medical history with your dentist is essential to determine the best options available. If you opt for sedation dentistry, the following are some of the benefits you stand to gain.

Helps overcome fear and anxiety 

Working with a sedation dentist helps people overcome their dental fear and anxiety daily. Sometimes you may have an experience that keeps you from the dentist and not willing to go for a checkup. If that is the case, there is no need to feel embarrassed. You can rest assured that working with a reputable sedation dentist will ensure a relaxing and anxiety-free time when you need dental care services.

Comfort during dental procedures 

If you are one of those people with sensitive gums, you understand how uncomfortable it can be if they are tampered with in any way. Such a factor contributes to a more painful dental process. Switching to sedation dentistry provides an amicable solution since you are sedated and will not be aware of the whole treatment. You will have little to no memory of whatever the dentist did to you while you were sedated. What is even better, since you are not anxious, your doctor will be better positioned to complete the procedure quicker.

Sedation Dentistry

It is an excellent option for people with special needs.

People with sensory processing disorders, autism spectrum disorders, and other conditions that impair the nervous system can now enjoy a visit to the dentist and get the help they need. Before, it used to be a challenge convincing individuals with processing disorders to schedule an appointment with a dentist because that often came with having to deal with hypersensitivity and real discomfort. Using sedation dentistry, the dentist can perform various procedures to give you the dental care you need comfortably.

Promotes fewer appointments 

One of the best things about sedation is that it allows your dentist to do more within a short time. If it is a cavity you need to be filled, cosmetic procedures, or treatment for sore gums, among other options, a lot can be accomplished when you are calmly sedated. More extensive procedures that would require you to make several trips to your dentist can now be completed with one visit, thanks to sedation dentistry.

If you have been dismissing the idea of getting the much-needed dental work because you are nervous or anxious, sedation dentistry is the solution you have been looking for. It will enable you to approach any procedure comfortably and get the results you need. Do not let your fears prevent you from taking care of your oral health.

Brightwork Family Dentistry

The dental line of work has made significant progress in making dental procedures as comfortable as possible. However, a substantial number of Americans don’t visit a dentist for regular checkups due to fear and dental anxiety. Fortunately, there are options that can assist in alleviating the fear in most patients, enabling them to pleasantly and successfully undergo treatment.

Sedation dentistry provides an excellent way to deliver a safe and anxiety-free dental experience to patients who are afraid of the dentist. Brightwork Family Dentistry provides sedation dentistry in Richmond, Virginia, to ensure that patients remain calm throughout their dental treatment.

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is usually misguidedly thought to induce sleep. In reality, most sedatives enable a patient to stay awake during the dental procedure. Drowsiness is a side effect of some sedation medications, but oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide only work to soothe anxiety during your dental visit.

Sedation dentistry is conventional because most sedatives are taken by mouth, meaning no invasive procedures like injections, no pain, and no anxiety. Some sedatives are so effective that you cannot even recall the smell and details of the procedure afterward. Compliance and safety are two crucial aspects of dental treatments, so sedation dentistry provides the best alternative to both the patient and the dentist.

Whatever the type of sedative, it is important that you be accompanied by a caregiver. At times, you can be given sedatives the night before your dental visit, which means that it is not advisable for you to drive to and from your appointment.

Advantages of sedation dentistry

  • Procedures appear to take less time
  • Perfectly safe
  • No pain
  • No injections
  • More can be achieved during each visit
  • Fewer side effects
  • Anxiety is relieved

What types of sedatives do we offer?

At Brightwork Family Dentistry, our most popular types of dental sedatives are oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide. Various levels of sedation – deep, moderate, or mild – can be used depending on the needs of each patient. Before giving out any sedative, your dentist will analyze your full medical history, taking note of your current medications.

Here is the general idea of nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation:

Oral conscious sedation

Oral conscious sedation is a superb option for individuals who fear injections. Oral medication is given before treatment in order to stimulate a sensible status of sedation. Although oral sedatives don’t cause sleep, they usually cloud the senses.  That means that you will not remember the pain, smell, or noise associated with your dental procedure. Often, a dose of the sedation medication is taken before the appointment, and then another dose is given during the procedure as necessitated.

Nitrous oxide

Nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, is utilized as a mild sedative. It is delivered to the body through the nose and is administered throughout the procedure. Nitrous oxide raises your general mood and can induce an overall sense of well-being. Above all, it reduces pain and relieves anxiety during the procedure. Additionally, some numbness and tingling might be felt.

However, this sedation dentistry technique has some side effects. But our dentists have the expertise and experience to use it safely depending on the needs of each patient to avoid these side effects.

To learn more about sedation dentistry, contact us today to schedule an appointment.