Benefits of Teeth Straightening

When you think of teeth straightening, the first thing that comes to mind is you will get more attractive. However, your newly-aligned pearly whites could enhance not only your appearance but also your health as well. There is a lot more to a perfect smile than just having a set of straight teeth. Your South Bay Invisalign® specialist uses custom made plastic trays or aligners to straighten teeth to enhance your oral health and looks. Look beyond being more attractive with the following benefits of straightening your teeth.

South Bay Invisalign®

It is more comfortable to keep straight teeth clean

Having straight teeth is not a ticket to avoid having a piece of spinach caught in your teeth after a meal. The only difference is that it becomes more comfortable to remove food deposits from your teeth through brushing after every meal. Unlike crooked teeth, straighter ones have less hard-to-reach surfaces meaning you will not have to work so hard to make sure they are as clean as possible.

Promotes healthier gums

Having wide-spaced teeth is one reason most people end up with irritated, inflamed, and red gums. Such characteristics negatively impact your looks and can significantly affect your confidence. Not only that, they can be a sign of periodontal disease. Straightening your teeth is one of the best ways of dealing with such dental conditions. Straighter teeth help the gums to fit better around the teeth creating a strong defense against periodontal concerns.

It prevents abnormal tooth wear

One of the worst things about having crowded bottom teeth is that they tend to make one or more of them jut out, making them rub against the upper teeth. With time it becomes an issue even to chew correctly, leading to undue wear to the tooth enamel.

Improves self-esteem and confidence

If you want to have excellent overall health, you must make sure you safeguard your mental health. One of the good things about having straight teeth is that it gives you a better-looking smile that comes along with numerous health benefits. You will not have to worry about sideways glances from people every time you laugh or talk in public. When you are sure your teeth are straight, you stand a better chance of lowering stress and improving cognition. You will feel good about yourself and pursue everything with confidence.

Prevents jaw strain and pain

One of the struggles that people with crooked teeth have to deal with is altering their jaws to correct the movements while having a meal or speaking. Sometimes, having crowded teeth puts extra pressure on the gums, jaw, and the supporting bone, which can be quite painful. Straighter teeth allow better jaw movements and avoid any complications and pain caused by a lack of proper jaw alignment.

There are many benefits to straightening your teeth. The good thing is that this procedure is not invasive. With the right dental care from an Invisalign specialist, you can rest assured your teeth will have the perfect shape you need. There are many treatment options, but ensure to consult your dentist to settle on one which works best for you.