TMJ Treatment. What it is All About

TMJ Treatment

Temporomandibular joint disorders can cause unimaginable pain and negatively impact your life. Luckily, Drs. Daniel Butensky and Richard Procopio have every essential at their disposal to offer you practical TMJ therapy for lasting symptom relief. Dental Studio experts are at the forefront of Summit TMJ treatment. Using oral appliances that avert teeth grinding, you can count on the specialists for precise diagnosis and treatment of this condition. In case you notice clicking noise when closing or opening your mouth, contact the experts for effective respite.

What is a TMJ Disorder?

Your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) operates as a sliding hinge connecting your skull to your jawbone. One TMJ sits on each side of your jaw. TMJ disorders cause excruciating symptoms in your jaw joint and the muscles responsible for your jaw movement.

TMJ disorders complicate even simple, daily functions like speaking, chewing, or just opening and closing your mouth. In rare cases, TMJ is treatable efficiently with proper rest and home care. However, in severe instances, it would be best to seek expert care at Dental Studios.

How Can I Know if I Have a TMJ Disorder?

Common signs and symptoms of TMJ are numerous and include:

  •       Dull or aching pain inside and around your ear area
  •       Pain or tenderness in the jaw
  •       Aching facial pain
  •       Popping or clicking noises upon opening and closing your mouth
  •       Pain while chewing
  •       Pain when opening or closing your mouth

If you encounter the symptoms above, Dental Studio welcomes you for a TMJ screening and effective treatment to grant you relief.

Causes of TMJ Disorder

The most typical causes of TMJ are bite problems, malocclusions, teeth grinding, or bruxism. These two situations affect the bone segments interacting in the joint. The bone is covered by cartilage and kept separate by a tiny shock-absorbing disc that usually keeps the movement smooth. Bruxism and malocclusions can lead to the erosion of the shock-absorbing disc, causing your TMJ’s pain or tense movement.

How TMJ Therapy Works

When you visit Dental Studio, your dedicated team specializes in treating TMJ using highly functional, personalized treatments. In most cases, your dentist begins by prescribing medications such as anti-inflammatory drugs and muscle relaxants for immediate symptom relief.

For even longer-lasting results, your providers at Dental Studios offer custom-built oral splints. Typically worn during sleep, these devices help to hold your teeth in an optimal position to prevent teeth grinding and bite problems. Throughout your TMJ therapy, your dentist at Dental Studio closely monitors your progress.

Other Services

Dental Studio offers a wide range of top-class services besides TMJ. Other services available at the practice include:

  •       Crowns
  •       Teeth Whitening
  •       Implants
  •       Clear Orthodontic Alignment
  •       Veneers
  •       General dentistry
  •       Inlays and Onlays
  •       Sleep Apnea
  •       Tooth Extractions
  •       Pediatric Dentistry
  •       Cleanings
  •       Oral Surgeries
  •       Bridges
  •       Emergency Dentistry
  •       Athletic Mouthguard

Bottom Line

Do you suspect having a TMJ disorder? You need to respond promptly before the symptoms get severe, thereby affecting your chewing and speech. Contact the specialists at Dental Studios to achieve lasting relief. Call today or schedule an appointment via the online booking tool.