Addressing Weight Gain Relapse Through Surgery Revision

Surgery Revision

Drug rehab centers are created to help addicts recover and not go back to their dangerous lifestyle habits. However, there are many cases of formerly rehabilitated addicts relapsing months later. Bariatric surgery beneficiaries are not an exception. After undergoing the first surgery to address their obesity, they can gain more weight. The only option they have to enjoy their quality of life is seeing the Bariatric Experts team specializing in surgery revisions in Frisco.

What factors can lead to some people gaining weight after bariatric surgery

Most people who have undergone successful bariatric operation are likely to gain weight depending on circumstances such as:

  • Giving birth
  • Going through a divorce
  • Losing your job
  • Financial challenges
  • Getting a new job
  • Change in diet

All these circumstances play a significant role in increasing your weight. Your attitude towards life after your operation also contributes to the same. The irony of it all is that obesity is a chronic disease that can be life-threatening. Bariatric surgery is a life-saving procedure, not a permanent cure to your problem. You can only enjoy post-surgery results when you stick to healthy lifestyle habits. Before your surgeon recommends that you go for revision surgery, they will advise you to deal with any issues that are contributing to your gaining weight.

What to Consider Before Deciding to Go for a Revision Surgery

While revision surgery is designed for people who have gone through weight relapse, it also has a higher risk of complications. Most of the time, revision surgery is twice as risky. Before deciding to go for it, consult your doctor. Some doctors might make physical and nutritional evaluations through x-rays, endoscopy, and many others. In some cases, they may require you to shed some weight before your surgery to test your discipline on weight loss matters.  If other weight loss measures do not seem practical, you can go ahead with revision surgery.

What to expect after revision surgery

After successfully undergoing revision surgery, the rules remain the same as when you had your original surgery. Your body probably will behave according to your lifestyle habits. For example, if you stick to an unhealthy diet, do not exercise, or binge drink alcohol, your body will still gain weight. Still, every patient’s journey to recovery is different. Some people will not gain weight after revision surgery, while others will do the exact opposite. To ensure you do not go through a weight gain relapse for the second time, discuss with your surgeon to give you realistic expectations.

Are you ready for your revision surgery?

By the time you decide on bariatric surgery for the second time, it means you see it as a medical necessity. There is nothing good about being obese; neither is choosing not to go for revision surgery. However, it might not be for everyone. In most cases, your surgeon might recommend you change your lifestyle to see if you need the surgery. If lifestyle changes do not work for you, revision surgery might be the only option for saving your life. To find out if you are eligible for revision bariatric surgery, consult your doctor today.