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Surgical Orthodontic

A lovely smile goes a long way in boosting your self-esteem. Nevertheless, if you have severe bite problems and jaw abnormalities, you will not have the freedom to smile.  Freedom Orthodontics, under the leadership of Dr. Brendan Smith, offers surgical orthodontics in Cedar Park, Texas, to help correct your severe bite problems that cannot be fixed by braces alone. Dr. Smith, an experienced and certified orthodontist, and a team of physicians are dedicated to bringing back your attractive smile in a personalized setting. If you are troubled by jaw and bite disabilities, call or schedule an appointment online with Freedom Orthodontics for the best orthognathic surgery.

What Is Surgical Orthodontics?

Also referred to as jaw surgery, this is a type of orthodontic treatment used to correct advanced or severe jawbone abnormalities and bite problems.  It is reserved for extreme or more complex orthodontic conditions. Dr. Smith works together with a team of experienced oral surgeons to perform the procedure.

When Do You Need Surgical Orthodontics?

Surgical orthodontics is recommended when more conventional treatment options are not yielding the desired results. It is recommendable for you to undertake surgical orthodontics if you are at an age when your jaw cannot grow further, which is around 18 years for men and 16 years for women. Freedom Orthodontics offers a comprehensive orthodontic service in and around Cedar Park, Texas.

What Should You Expect During Surgical Orthodontics Procedure?

Surgical Orthodontics is carried out in a hospital setting under general anesthesia. Dr. Smith is remarkably experienced in this field and will correctly make cuts in your jawbone and shift it to have better general alignment. The jaws will then be securely aligned in place using wires, screws, rubber bands, or metal plates. This helps keep the jaw in its correct position when you heal, ensuring the new alignment is well-kept. Depending on the severity of your case, the surgery may take some hours to be completed.

How Is Surgical Orthodontics Recovery?

After the surgical orthodontics procedure, there is always downtime. You should be prepared to take some time off from school or work as you recover. The initial healing phase usually takes about six to eight weeks, but the full jaw healing takes about nine to twelve months. After the procedure, Dr. Smith will start to fine-tune your treatment with Invisalign or braces. The secondary treatment phase typically lasts two to six months, depending on your condition and needs.

What Are the Risks Associated With Orthognathic Surgery?

Medical surgeries are always linked with risks, and this is the same case in orthodontics surgery. Luckily, orthognathic surgery is not a new idea and has been successfully done in orthodontic practices and health centers. During your surgical consultation, Dr. Smith will elucidate all the risks relating to you and reply to all the questions that might come up.

In conclusion, freedom orthodontics provides an effective and safe surgical orthodontics treatment to give you a new smile and enhance your overall oral health. Call or book an online appointment at Freedom Orthodontics today.