Enhance Your Sexual Health with Vaginal Revitalization in Santa Monica, CA

Vaginal Revitalization

Women experience changes to their genital tissues throughout their life. The changes can cause improper functioning of the vaginal tissues, which is contributed by several factors, including childbirth, hormonal imbalance, and aging. These can cause problems such as laxity, vaginal dryness, or low libido. If you are experiencing any of this, vaginal revitalization is the best solution for you. At Modern Aesthetica, Daniel Moghadam, MD, and the experienced team provide an innovative O-Shot injection that effectively revitalizes vaginal tissue to improve sexual health. For more information, call to schedule an appointment online today.

What Is Vaginal Revitalization?

Various factors cause the vaginal tissues to be loose, including hormonal changes, childbirth, and age-related muscle changes. Women might also experience genital issues after menopause because of estrogen decline making the vaginal tissues thin, dry, and less elastic. Vaginal revitalization involves a nonsurgical O-Shot treatment injection that comprises platelet-rich plasma. This contains regenerative tissue that enhances the healing and regeneration of healthier and new vaginal tissue. The injection also helps improve blood circulation and escalate collagen production that enhances the strength and elasticity of your vaginal tissue.

What Does Vaginal Revitalization Treat?

The vulvovaginal tissues in women change for several reasons: hormonal imbalances, childbearing, and the natural aging process. These are referred to as vaginal atrophy and can also result from certain medical treatments such as cancer chemotherapy. The changes might cause symptoms that interfere with your quality of life, such as vaginal laxity, vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, painful intercourse, and vaginal itching and burning. The Modern Aesthetica team offers nonsurgical vaginal revitalization to help enhance the appearance of your vagina and labia, improve your libido, and vaginal tightness.

How Do You Know If Vaginal Revitalization Is Right for You?

You might need to get vaginal revitalization if you have noticed changes in your vaginal tissues that cause various issues, including low libido, pain during sex, reduced self-confidence, decreased ability to orgasm, vaginal discomfort or pain, difficulty with bladder control, and discomfort while wearing particular clothes or exercising. If you have concerns about such vaginal symptoms, you are not alone. There are lots of women experiencing the same and all you need to do is to seek medical help.

What Should You Expect from A Vaginal Revitalization Treatment?

The O-Shot injection procedure is done in-office. When you visit the doctor for vaginal revitalization, the doctor starts by reviewing your medical history and doing a physical assessment to ensure that vaginal revitalization is ideal for you.  The team at Modern Aesthetica begins by applying a numbing cream to your arm and vaginal tissue to lessen any discomfort. They then draw a sample of blood from your arm to create the PRP. After preparing the injection, Dr. Moghadam injects it into the upper part of your vagina and clitoris. The procedure has no downtime, and you will be told when you can resume sexual activity.

To sum up, the nonsurgical vaginal revitalization at Modern Aesthetica will effectively enhance your intimate life. For more consultation on how to improve your sexual life with vaginal revitalization in and around Santa Monica, CA, call or book an appointment online.