How VenaSeal Can Help You Manage Varicose Veins


Varicose veins are not uncommon, and although they might not be painful to some people, the unsightly veins are unpleasant. That is why you ought to do all you can to eliminate the condition, including seeking expert care. The expert team at Florida Lakes Vein Centre offers VenaSeal treatment, which is a smart option for your condition. With the understanding that you need a solution with minimal pain, and less or no downtime, your provider at the Venice vein center customizes the treatment plan to meet your unique needs. Here is more information about the VenaSeal treatment option.

What Is It?

VenaSeal is one of the latest innovations in the treatment of varicose veins. It involves using a patient-friendly and safe-for-the-body medical glue to close the varicose veins in the legs effectively. The vein will undergo sclerosis (hardening process) after closing and gradually be absorbed by the body. The procedure requires outstanding expertise to achieve the desired results. There is no downtime, and you can expect rapid relief from your symptoms.

How it Works

VenaSeal is a minimally invasive procedure that will involve the placement of a tiny amount of a special vein glue to the affected veins through a catheter. The vein is closed immediately, re-routing the blood to other healthy veins in the affected area. Unlike most treatments, a regional nerve block will not be necessary. Besides, the procedure does not require large volumes of anesthesia. You can also return to your daily activities immediately after the procedure as there are no pre-treatment drugs involved. Also, you will not require post-treatment medications as the risks of nerve damage or skin burns are minimized, unlike with other treatment options such as radiofrequency ablation or endovenous laser options.

The Effectiveness of the Treatment Procedure

Studies have found VenaSeal to have a success rate of about 98.9% and an added advantage of fewer complications. It is considered to be as effective as endovenous laser ablation but even better as it does not involve heat, therefore minimizing the risks of complications. Also, it can be performed using a small amount of local anesthetic, unlike other treatment options. VenaSeal also makes it possible to treat several veins in one session, and you might not need stockings after treatment, and you do not have to take some time off to recover.

What You Can Expect

There is not much to expect before your procedure as there will be no topical numbing cream, no pre-procedure wrapping, and no pre-procedure drugs. Your provider will insert a catheter in the treatment vein through limited access in the treatment area. During the treatment, you can experience mild compressions on the exterior of the leg. An ultrasound with gel will be used the whole time. You can expect the entire process to last approximately 30 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area.

After the procedure, your provider will place a Band-Aid on the access area. You will not require any post-procedure pain medications or compression stocking, and you will be free to leave the practice and get back to your usual activities.

Get Help

If you are tired of seeing the unpleasant bulging veins in your legs, contact the Florida Lakes Vein Centers expert team for help managing the condition. Your providers will help you understand how you can benefit from the VenaSeal treatment procedure and help you understand if it is right for you.

Who is at a Higher Risk of Developing Varicose Veins?

You should not feel alone if you have been diagnosed with varicose veins condition. Studies show that approximately thirty percent of people have a certain degree of varicose or spider veins. They are usually bluish or purple veins that may not be appealing to look at. The good news is that the condition is treatable. Dr. White’s Vein Center and Morgantown Sculpsure & Clear Ink, PLLC is a health facility that treats all conditions below the skin, including varicose veins. Book an appointment today and regain your confidence.

The main worry people have is whether they are at risk. Knowing the risk factors can help individuals prevent the condition by making a few lifestyle changes. Below are conditions that could increase your chances of developing varicose veins:


This is one of the main causes of varicose veins that are out of your control. The family history could put you at risk of developing the condition. However, it does not mean that people who come from such families with varicose history are doomed. They can take precautions such as keeping active to reduce the chances.


If you are a frequent smoker, then you are increasing your chances of getting varicose veins, among other medical conditions. Tobacco facilitates the narrowing of blood vessels that, in turn, affects blood circulation. When blood cannot move from the legs to the heart effectively, veins may budge and develop into varicose veins. If you have not started smoking, please don’t try it.

Varicose Veins


At around the final third trimester of pregnancy, mothers are likely to develop varicose veins. This is usually because of the newly gained weight that exerts excess pressure on the leg veins. Luckily, the problem should go away independently shortly after delivery. If the varicose veins still persist, it could be a sign of a serious problem that requires medical attention.


Varicose veins are one of the many conditions associated with aging. This is usually due to the aged inactivity and the hormonal changes that happen to women after moving past forty-five. Another reason is that veins become elastic with age, and their valves do not work as required.

Weight gain

People who have gained excess weight are likely to develop varicose veins more often than those with standard weight. The risk is brought about by the excess pressure exerted on the leg veins and hormonal changes in overweight women.


Women are always at a higher risk compared to men. A hormone known as estrogen is responsible for ovulation. When women age and reach menopause, the hormone reduces, causing the blood vessels to weaken. This, in turn, results in the bulging of veins.

Understanding the cause of varicose veins is important in the prevention and treatment process. At Dr. White’s Vein Center and Morgantown Sculpsure & Clear Ink, PLLC, the specialists offer customized treatment care to reduce the chances of developing more severe complications such as venous ulcers. Book an appointment for more questions and treatment.