Teeth Whitening Aftercare Guide

Teeth discoloration can be quite embarrassing for you, especially in severe cases. However, the good news is that with teeth whitening, you don’t have to live with the shame. Getting a qualified dentist in Chandler is one step towards reclaiming your set of pearly whites. Chandler teeth whitening specialists will advise you on the best dental practices to adopt.

Chandler teeth whitening

After the procedure, it is advisable to stick within the recommended foods and drinks to keep your smile looking its best. Otherwise, you may further cause discoloration and more exposure to your teeth dentin layer.

1. What to Avoid

The first week following your teeth whitening procedure play an integral role in the outcome of the treatment. Therefore, you should steer clear from specific foods that can jeopardize the end goals. For instance, coffee, dark chocolate, and even dark sauces are a no-go zone. Acidic foods are also off limits.

After teeth whitening, your enamel weakens. Therefore, when you take acid-rich foods such as oranges and lemons, your mouth pH lowers. Consequently, your teeth become more sensitive and may also tend to become painful.

You should also avoid juices and carbonated drinks like Coke. Smoking is also not recommended, as nicotine can stain your teeth.

Avoid foods with high oil content. They will leave grease on your teeth, giving them an unpleasant stain. Extremely hot or cold foodstuffs may also cause pain with your increased teeth sensitivity.

2. What to Eat

A white diet is highly advisable to maintain the longevity of your teeth whitening procedure. You can also peel fruits and snack on them, like an apple. Most importantly, if you feel the irresistible urge to take a drink that deviates from the white diet, you can drink using a straw. It helps minimize the risk of coming into contact with your teeth, discoloring them in the process.

Furthermore, increase your water and milk consumption. Water can be sparkling or still. Other drinks you can consume include lemonade, non-alcoholic cocktails, and also coconut water. A white diet has a reduced risk of pigmentation on your enamel. Therefore, avoid deep-colored foods at all costs.

A white diet can include bananas, egg white, white yogurt, noodles, peeled potatoes, cauliflower, and rice pudding.

Furthermore, it is also advisable to avoid dark-colored foods hours before your procedure. Such finds can reduce the optimum results you would expect after treatment. Cold items, like your favorite blueberry ice cream, are also not ideal for you after the process.

Here’s a simple life hack to help you after your teeth whitening. Take a white piece of cloth. Pour a portion of the food or drink you want to consume. If it leaves a stain on the cloth, avoid it for the time being.

Most importantly, remember that to enhance the longevity of your results it is essential to continue with proper dental care. When you consume dark foods, always remember to brush your teeth immediately after. However, use white toothpaste and clear colored mouthwash as well.