The Role of Bastrop Family Physician in Every Patients Life

Family Physician

A family physician like Pompeyo C Chavez MD takes comprehensive care of their patients in Bastrop. Patients young and old, male and female, married or unmarried, with kids or single need a family physician. 

The family physician not just in Bastrop but across the globe plays essential roles in their patient’s life. 

Supervise your preventive care

Family physician educates patients on how to prevent disease and health maintenance. They take care of physical and psychological issues. Preventive care can be associated with anger or stress management, advising exercise for disease management like diabetes, nutritional & weight control counseling, or fertility therapy. 

Diagnose emerging health issues

Family physicians are well-aware of your medical history as they have been looking after you and your loved ones for a long time. You confide in them with ease about some new or unusual symptoms. As they know the definition of normal for your health, they quickly identify a crucial change that may be a sign of a hidden or emerging condition. They often screen you first, prescribe tests to diagnose, and discuss health issues. They prescribe treatment if necessary and regularly monitor your progress. If needed, tweak the treatment. 

Experts in common complaint management

Whenever someone in the family has flu or high temperature or cold & cough, the family physician is your medical resource for the correct medication. The family physician in Bastrop runs a well-child exams program that ensures your child’s physical and mental development is going as expected from when they were born until they turn 21.

Manage chronic disease

Common degenerative conditions that family physicians handle are asthma, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and heart problems. Ongoing, personalized care is offered during challenging moments in life. Diagnostic tests are prescribed to evaluate your progress and define the next treatment regimen.

Collaborate as your primary care physician

Family physicians work with pharmacists, occupational therapists, social workers, and other health care teams on your behalf. When they refer a specialist in case your health needs specialized focus, they stay informed and involved as primary care physicians. You stay stress-free as you don’t need to figure out the treatment plan alone. The family physician collaborates with other doctors to offer integrated care that ensures all medical needs are fulfilled. 

The family physician in Bastrop is passionate and dedicated to family wellness support and preventative medication!