Things you Probably Didn’t Know About Root Canals

Good oral hygiene accompanies a happy and productive person. However, even with the best care of your teeth, you may still notice an inflamed or dead tooth.  An inflamed tooth might prevent you from doing the things you love the most due to sharp pains. Painkillers only offer a short relief to your condition; that is why you need to visit a place that offers root canals in East Village. East Village Dental Center allows you to have the bad tooth repaired to bring back those happy moments.

root canals in East Village

What is a root canal procedure?

The root canal is a teeth procedure that helps repair the inflamed or dead tooth in your mouth. The process today is less invasive due to the technological advances in dentistry. Therefore, when you visit the East Village Dental Center, you get a less invasive procedure which is almost painless. The process resembles teeth filling, and you will walk out feeling comfortable.

 A root canal procedure at East Village Dental Center involves removing the inner tissues in your tooth. The inner tissue majorly consists of the pulp, which becomes inflamed, dead, or infected. Your dentists at East Village Dental Center begin the procedure with an x-ray to understand the extent of damage to your tooth. Further, your dentist will numb the regions outside your teeth and create a hole that reaches the pulp.

Your physician uses a Microscope to increase the activity’s precision to ensure they remove all the infected parts of your teeth. Your dentist will then cover the pulp and the holes drilled with a rubbery material to prevent new infections.

Am I the right candidate for a root canal?

The first sign that you need a root canal is a pain in the mouth. However, other signs that you need to watch out for include:

  •  Spots or pimples on the gums
  •  Gums turning dark
  •  Inflamed gums
  •  Sensitivity to hot and cold drinks
  •  Pus or fluid from the gums

Sometimes, you may need a root canal from an injury to the mouth that damages the pulp. However, you may require a root canal without any physical damage to your teeth in some cases. East Village Dental Center offers a tooth examination to determine whether you need a root canal procedure.

How Long Do Root Canal Surgeries Take to Recover?

Once your dentist completes the root canal procedure, you will notice a sudden relief from pain. However, the anesthesia will have a mild effect on you, as you might feel uncomfortable. The doctor will suggest a non-prescription drug to ease the pain while waiting for the wound to heal.

After the procedure, your dentist will give you the care guidelines to take care of your healing tooth. It would help if you avoided crunchy food for several days after the procedure. However, after healing, you can go back to using your teeth normally.

Cracked or inflamed teeth are uncomfortable and painful. However, with new dentistry developments, you can have a root canal procedure at East Village Dental Center to care for the pain.