Top Reasons to Consider CoolSculpting


CoolSculpting is a cosmetic treatment that eliminates stubborn fat bulges that do not get away with exercise and dieting. It functions by freezing fat cells by killing and breaking them. The CoolSculpting machine freezes your fat to a temperature that destroys it, leaving your skin and other tissues undamaged. Coolsculpting® Northeast Minneapolis addresses various body parts, including the chin, thighs, belly, butt, and upper arms. After the treatment, it may take a few weeks to see the results, but full outcomes take four to six months. Your doctor may recommend you exercise and eat a healthy diet to maintain your results.

Targeted fat reduction

When losing weight, you cannot choose the fat you want your body to burn. CoolSculpting is designed to target the specific regions you choose. During the treatment, the device sends precise cooling into your skin from the surface. It is not cold enough to damage your skin and other tissues but sufficient to kill fat cells. CoolSculpting is beneficial in stubborn areas that tend to resist exercise and dieting.

It has minimal risks

Compared to surgical procedures, CoolSculpting has minimal risks. You may experience side effects like redness and numbness in the treated area, but they tend to be minor and fade within a few days. CoolSculpting does not involve incisions, so there is no risk of bleeding, which can be a complication in surgical techniques. Also, there is no anesthesia in CoolSculpting, minimizing risks.

It is a non-invasive treatment with no downtime

CoolSculpting does not involve any incisions. Your dermatologist uses cryolipolysis to freeze fat cells in concerned regions, leaving the surrounding tissues undamaged. Your body gradually gets rid of the destroyed cells, giving you a leaner and more contoured figure. Since no cuts are involved, you can resume normal duties immediately after the treatment. You may experience mild soreness and redness, but the effects cannot restrict you from working.

It is not painful

CoolSculpting does not involve cuts and needles hence no pain. Your provider may place a cooling pack on the targeted area during the procedure. In the beginning, when the device is placed on your skin, you may feel a pinching and tingling sensation from the vacuum end of the applicator, but the effects fade to numbness with time as fat freezes. After the treatment, you will not have to deal with pain like in surgical procedures. The side effects, like the numbness that happens, are mild and fade within a few days.

It takes a short period

Unlike surgical procedures like liposuction, CoolSculpting takes a short period. It takes thirty to one hour, depending on the area being treated. You can easily schedule the treatment in between your busy schedule. The treatment has no downtime, so you can resume work after the procedure. CoolSculpting takes a short period because you do not need preparation or recovery time after the treatment.

CoolSculpting removes unwanted fat in stubborn areas like thighs, belly, upper arm, and butt. The treatment is non-invasive, with no downtime and minimal risk. CoolSculpting eliminates fat in the targeted areas, leaving your skin and other tissues unharmed. Schedule an appointment at Afzal Clinics for Coolsculpting® to improve your body shape.