Top Reasons Why Prenatal Care is Beneficial for You

When you first saw the positive sign on the test, you became elated. At that instant, you had fantasies of carrying your newborn in your arms, singing sweet lullabies as you fondly cuddled them to sleep. You can’t wait to go for evening drives in San Pedro with your little one. Below are the reasons why you should promptly schedule prenatal care with an OB/GYN in San Pedro with your first discovery of pregnancy.

OB/GYN in San Pedro

1. What Prenatal Care Entails

Your doctor will evaluate you to ascertain your health and that of your baby. It includes having a physical examination to check your weight, blood pressure, and related organs like your heart and even your breasts. You will undergo a pelvic exam too. Laboratory tests are also a standard feature. They include a complete blood count, blood and urine analysis to check against any diseases you could have, and a threat during pregnancy.

2. Monitor Baby’s Development 

It is essential to monitor your growing baby’s progress in your tummy. Plus, the doctor can check whether they are marking the expected milestones. If not, they advise you on want to do and accord the best medical care in ensuring everything goes as planned.

Your doctor helps minimize the possibility of your baby’s congenital disabilities at birth and even diseases with proper care. Such defects can include abnormal body features, which can be triggered by an action you should not have done during pregnancy. By following the advice during prenatal care, you rest assure that the chances of having congenital disabilities are down to a minimum in an ideal scenario.

3. Determine Due Date

When you attend prenatal care, your doctor establishes your due date. As a result, you can plan around the day. The good thing is that you get an allowance of a few days before and after the expected due date as a safe timeline on when to plan yourself. Therefore, you can comfortably shop for your baby’s clothes and essential items, take time off work, hire help if needed, and, most importantly, book a clinic appointment for the delivery.

4. Check Your Health

When pregnant, carrying the baby safe until the term ends is essential. Therefore, your doctor can monitor your progress and advice on the best information surrounding your pregnancy. Additionally, they can also check your medical history.

By doing so, they can rule out any pregnancy risk factors that can endanger your life and that of your baby. You can have probable risk factors based on your age and even family lineage. By understanding your history, your doctor will help you stay healthy.

Your doctor also guides you on the right diet to implement, especially during pregnancy. Remember, as your baby grows, your body requires different nutritional needs to remain healthy. Consequently, you get enough energy to sustain yourself and pregnancy until term. Not to forget to provide you the energy you need during birth.

Never assume that it is too early to start your prenatal visits. Remember, a condition discovered in time is easy to manage and protect your health together with your baby. Failure to prioritize prenatal care can result in pregnancy complications that endanger your lives.