Top Signs You Could Have Diabetes


Diabetes is a severe medical condition that is popular among adults. If you have diabetes, you must manage your blood sugars and monitor them closely to ensure they are within the desired target. While diabetes comes in different types, there are two main types: Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. They differ on what causes them. It would be best to recognize the signs of diabetes, which could increase your chances of an early diagnosis. Thankfully, if you notice you have diabetes, with Humble, TX critical care medicine, you can get the medical care you deserve.

However, you need to understand that the early signs of diabetes are not always noticeable. Most people are asymptomatic, and they can remain undetected for an extended period. If you notice any of the following early signs, make sure you make an appointment with your doctor.

Frequent urination

When your blood sugars are high, your kidneys get significantly overworked since they have to bear the responsibility of removing the excess sugar by filtering it out of the blood. When that is the case, you will realize you are frequently urinating more than you used to. Do not wait for too long but instead make an appointment with your doctor to understand the problem.

Increased hunger

Intense hunger is an early warning sign of diabetes that most people do not understand. Your body uses the glucose in your blood to feed your cells. Breaking the system means the cells do not get to absorb the glucose. Consequently, your body has too many functions to take care of and will keep on looking for more fuel which causes persistent hunger. Since you have excess sugar in circulation, which eventually comes out through the urine, you may have to deal with weight loss, even when eating more than you usually do. If you have weight loss that you cannot explain, it could be a warning sign of diabetes.

Dry mouth and itchy skin

Since one of the top signs of diabetes is urinating a lot more frequently, you lose a lot of fluid, and you end up with less moisture for other body functions. You could get dehydrated when you are losing too much fluid and not doing anything to replace it. You could also become itchy as a result of dry skin.

Blurred vision

If you notice you have blurred vision, that does not always mean you should rush to get yourself a new pair of glasses. You could be having problems with your eyesight because of diabetes. Changing fluid levels often cause swelling in the eye lenses, making it nearly impossible to focus correctly.

Detecting diabetes is not a daunting task with the right doctor. If you notice any of the above signs, and especially if you are experiencing the symptoms in doubles, you should see a doctor to determine if diabetes could be the cause. Noticing the early signs and careful management can prevent many severe complications caused by diabetes. Remember, even when you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you can still live a fulfilled life.