Treatment Options for Heart Care

You will have over 2.5 billion heartbeats in your lifetime. This is why Prime Heart and Vascular believe that you deserve to have your heart taken care of by experienced professionals without fail to lead a healthy life. Whether you have experienced a cardiac emergency, have been diagnosed with a cardiovascular problem, or are in the journey to recovery after treatment, our team of professionals led by DR. Rishin Shah provides comprehensive care tailored to suit your patient-care needs.

Our experience has taught us that there will always be a difference between two people’s conditions, no matter how much they look similar. Our treatment plans are personalized to meet your unique situation and requirements. We provide our patients with the most advanced care based on cutting-edge technology and our combined experience.

Our Services and Procedures Offered

  • Cardiac testing
  • Angioplasty
  • Adult congenital heart disease
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Cardiothoracic surgery
  • Cardiac imaging
  • Electrophysiology
  • Cardio-oncology
  • Heart failure
  • Pulmonary vascular disease
  • Heart attack care
  • Vascular disease
  • Structural heart and valve disease
  • Wellness and protection

Benefits of Interventional Cardiology

Intervention cardiology has high success rates and provides patients with the following benefits:

 Less pain and scarring: In interventional cardiology, a catheter is inserted in the heart through a small incision, which has less pain and scarring than open-heart surgery. The procedure can last for 30 minutes.

Reduced risk of a heart attack: If you suffer from chest pains and shortness of breath, interventional cardiology can help relieve such symptoms. Besides, the procedure can be used to restore the flow of blood and open arteries, thus reducing your chances of suffering from a heart attack.

Ideal for young heart patients: Valvuloplasty is an interventional cardiology procedure that is highly effective for treating infants and children who have heart problems.

Less expensive: Interventional cardiology costs less compared to other heart surgery procedures.

Difference Between Interventional Cardiology and Vascular Surgery

It is vital to know what distinguishes cardiac catheterization from vascular surgery since this can help you to know about the merits and risks associated with each of these procedures. Intervention cardiology can treat several heart diseases while UPMC vascular surgery helps correct defects that affect the veins, arteries, and aorta. Let us now look at the distinct differences between the two procedures:

Nature and scope: In interventional cardiology, heart procedures are conducted using real-time imaging. The method has fewer demands and helps provide immediate action that is required when responding to life-threatening emergencies.

Pain barrier: There is less pain and invasion when using interventional cardiology compared to when vascular surgery procedure is used.

Hospital stays: You do not need to be sedated during heart treatment using intervention cardiology. You do not need to spend time in the hospital after treatment using intervention cardiology.

Whether you suffer from varicose veins, deep thrombosis, or require treatment for serious heart disease, you can count on Prime Heart and Vascular to provide you with high-quality care. Our cardiologists will be with you at every moment from diagnosis, treatment, to recovery.