Which Birth Control Method Is Most Suitable for You?

Birth Control Method

Unplanned pregnancies can be quite a challenge in marriage and out of marriage. Therefore, experts recommend that both women and men should find appropriate contraceptive methods to have a choice when they want children. However, it may not be as easy as it sounds. Choosing the right method is difficult without advice from a qualified medical practitioner. Book an appointment online with Ideal Gynecology, LLC to learn more about birth control in McDonough.  Here is essential information you may find helpful when exploring birth control methods.

What to consider when choosing the right method

Before going to the doctor, you should discuss a few things with yourself regarding contraception. To begin with, do you want the method to also reduce the risks of sexually transmitted diseases? Some control both pregnancy and STI transmission, while others omit the latter. Another thing you want to consider is whether you want to preserve your ability to conceive. The method will also be affected by the amount of cost you are willing to pay. The doctor will help you go through these and other essential questions to narrow down to the right option. They may also be required to perform a pelvic exam.

Birth control options

Before narrowing down your options, these are the birth control methods at your disposal:

i. Natural methods

You will be making lifestyle changes to avoid pregnancy naturally. Options include:

  • Abstinence: This is the most effective method to avoid unwanted pregnancies. It basically prevents the chances of a sperm meeting an egg. However, it is not practical in most cases.
  • Withdrawal: During sexual intercourse, the man may withdraw his penis just before ejaculation so that it happens outside. It is only about 80% effective, meaning there are chances that you could still get pregnant.

ii. Barrier devices

Alternatively, you could use devices that prevent the sperm from swimming to the egg. They include:

  • Male and female condoms: This is a common form of birth control used by most people. This is because it is widely accessible. Additionally, it has a benefit because it prevents both pregnancy and the spread of STIs. Female condoms sometimes contain spermicides that kill sperms as they enter.
  • Diaphragm and cervical cap: A diaphragm is placed into the vagina to cover the cervix. A cervical cap also acts as a barrier to hinder sperms from crossing over to meet the egg. These two are used with spermicides to increase effectiveness.

iii. Injections

Injections are hormone control methods that are administered regularly to prevent the woman from ovulating. However, you are at a higher chance of conceiving if the drug is at the peak of wearing off.

iv. Pharmaceutical types

Most of these options require a prescription from the doctor to purchase. They include intrauterine devices, contraceptive pills, contraceptive patch, vaginal ring, and an implant.

As you can see, there are so many options to choose from when it comes to contraception. There are even permanent methods for people who have closed the chapter of childbearing. Talk to the doctor about your objectives and health condition to determine the most suitable one for you. Consult specialists at Ideal Gynecology, LLC for more information.