Why Men Should Go for Laser Hair Removal

Traditionally, excess body hair for men was a sign of masculinity, and everywhere you went, you would find men rocking their “unibrows” while their chest hair peeks through their shirts. Don’t get me wrong; everyone has their preference, and what matters is being comfortable in one’s skin. Today, things have changed, and more men have discovered just how much of a lifehack permanent hair removal is. If you haven’t tried laser hair removal before and are thinking of trying it out, look no more further than the Peach Skin & Laser Medispa, which offers a unique Tucson laser hair removal experience.

Manscaping is a relatively new trend whose popularity has grown significantly over the past few years. Male celebrity models and athletes such as Eli Fanning and David Tyree have been spotted rocking their hair-free scalps.

How Men’s Laser Hair Treatment Works

Note that men’s hair grows more rooted in the dermis and is also thicker than women’s hair. This feature makes laser hair removal in men a more intricate process. So, for men, it’s best to use lasers that have a longer pulse and wavelength setting, and those that can penetrate more.

There are several body parts where men can opt for laser hair removal. These include the chest area, the stomach, the lower part of the beard, the groin area, the eyebrows, the neck, as well as the back. Each body part requires a specific time interval.

For instance, the trunk area would require three sessions per year, while the beard would require one treatment every month before seeing results. This is because losing hair in some areas is harder to achieve. Additionally, the color of one’s skin and hair determine how easy it will be for doctors to perform laser treatment.

The average cost for a laser treatment session is anywhere between $200 and $500. This varies for every clinic, so you would have to do your research to find an affordable but safe spa. Note that most spas offer a package for their members, so once you’ve made up your mind on permanent hair removal, it’s advisable to sign up for membership to get discounts as well as offers.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal for Men


Some men experience discomfort and itching during the summer. Additionally, body hair traps sweat and prevents your body from cooling down as fast as it should with less hair. Laser hair removal, therefore, helps to reduce the ‘bush’ and eases the irritation.


Some men are uncomfortable with excessive body hair, especially on their chests and backs. They, therefore, seek laser hair removal to increase their confidence. Male models and fitness instructors who are often shirtless love to get rid of all the fuzz as it improves their appearance.

Saves Time as Well as Money

Studies show that getting a hair laser removal saves you close to $30,000 that you would have spent going to the barber for a regular shave and waxing over a lifetime. Laser hair removal also saves men the time and effort taken to shave every other day.

Improves the Skin

Men who shave and wax can sometimes experience bumps and cuts, which could get infected, leading to scars. Ingrown hairs are not only a nuisance but are also painful. Getting laser treatment helps to avoid blackheads and bumps caused by shaving and waxing.

Improves an Athlete’s Performance

Athletes such as swimmers and cyclists opt for laser hair removal as it decreases the friction and improves their speed.

Laser hair removal is something that every man should try as it not only saves time and money but also produces excellent results. If you are thinking of going for your first laser treatment, Peach Skin & Laser guarantee their clients a painless and satisfactory experience at their Tucson Medispa.