Why You Should Not Ignore a Crooked Tooth

Crooked Tooth

At first, you may think that having crooked teeth is not a huge issue. However, it can lead to oral health problems in the future. To help you determine the problem in detail, you can consult dental specialists like Ryan Pendleton DDS and get accurate help about what treatments fit you right.

Possible problems that might arise:

  • Tooth wear

When you have misaligned teeth, it can cause wear in several areas of your teeth. This can also cause the wearing of your teeth prematurely.

  • Problems in chewing

If your teeth do not align while you bite and cause abnormal bite issues like an overview or undermine, it can shift pressures on various mouthparts. This leads to chewing on one part more than the other and can create extreme discomfort.

  • Difficulty in cleaning teeth

Problems like misaligned, crooked, or crowded teeth can make it harder to clean than straight teeth. When your teeth are misaligned, you will have difficulty cleaning, increasing the risks of tooth decay and gum diseases.

  • Pain in the jaw area

When you have crooked teeth, there is an uneven distribution in your jaw muscles. This can create jaw pain and discomfort. In addition to this, it can also cause chipping and breaking of teeth.

  • Decrease in self-confidence

It is evident]

that you will feel conscious about your smile when they are crooked. Some people even cover their mouths while smiling. This can create severe problems like avoiding public speaking and the development of social anxiety.

  • TMJ

The temporomandibular joint disorder is created when you put extreme pressure on your jaw. This disorder can easily be caused when there is unequal pressure due to a crooked tooth.

Benefits of correcting your crooked teeth:

  • Improves overall dental health

Tooth decay can cause problems that affect overall oral health. This can further also lead to chronic diseases like stroke or diabetes. If you correct your crooked smile, you can prevent all these issues and maintain good oral health.

  • Boosts confidence

There are much more benefits after fixing your crooked teeth than just an improved appearance. It will help in boosting confidence and increase your self-confidence efficiently.

  • Prevents tooth decay

When you brush crooked teeth, it takes more time. In addition to this, due to excessive overlapping, you can clean your mouth correctly. This develops cavities and decay issues. By fixing crooked teeth, you can prevent these problems.

There are several options available to correct your crooked teeth, and your trusted orthodontist will help in the entire process.