You Need to Learn More About a Work Injury, Mainly How It Occurs and the Treatment Options Available

Work Injury

Generally, workplace safety has come a long way over the past years, but work injuries still occur. Therefore, if you are suffering from a work injury on your neck or back, you are encouraged to seek medical care and treatment to manage them and prevent further complications. An orthopedic spine specialist usually deals with your neck or back injuries. A work injury in Woodbury is examined by experts who offer expert treatment and diagnosis of work injuries. They are also authorized by the New Jersey Division of workers’ compensation to treat workers’ comp claims.

How would a work injury occur?

Typically, work injuries can occur for various reasons as you take part in your daily chores. However, some common ways of incurring an injury are crush injuries, car accidents, trips, and falls, pushing and pulling, repetitive strain injuries, incorrect or excessive lifting, collision with structures or objects, and holding, throwing, or carrying. Most work injuries usually lead to damage of the lower back, neck, and joints. But spinal fractures, injuries, or dislocations are some of the more severe types of injuries one can experience at their place of work.

What should you do if you sustain a work injury?

If you are suffering from a work injury, you must report the incident and ensure your supervisor records it correctly. Even though you suspect that your damage might not be serious, at times, it could develop into something serious that may require a compensation claim. Therefore, if you need treatment for your work injury, you must seek care from a specialist who is experienced in treating work injuries and managing patients’ workers’ comp claims.

What is worker’s compensation?

Workers’ comp or workers’ compensation refers to insurance that offers you income when you get sick because of your work or acquire a work injury. The income is a fund that your employer usually contributes to funding you for workers’ comp. Every state usually has a workers’ compensation board whose function is to administer payments and claims. It is also essential to note that you are always entitled to workers’ comp regardless of if the injury is due to anyone else’s negligence or your own. And the only time you are not to acquire workers’ comp is when your injuries occurred when you were under the effect of drugs or alcohol, or you willingly caused harm.

What treatment might you need for a work injury?

In most cases, the type of treatment that your doctor may recommend for your work injury depends on the severity of your injury, its type, and factors like your activity levels and age. The specialist also carries out a comprehensive assessment and physical examination before coming up with your treatment program. Some of the approaches that might be effective for a work injury include nerve blocks, medications, physical therapy, steroid injections, work hardening programs, intrathecal pain pump implantation, radiofrequency ablation, and neurostimulator or spinal cord stimulator implantation. And if the above treatments become ineffective or unsuitable for your work injury, the highly skilled specialists are qualified in performing a wide range of spine surgeries.

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