How to Attain Dental Solutions You Can Smile About

Dental problems are common and affect a vast percentage of citizens. Regular dental checks are imperative for good health. Contact Washington West End Dental for top-notch dental solutions and attain a smile you can care about.

About West End Dental

At West End Dental, Drs. Lauren Izadi, DDS, and Edward Kim, MS, DDS lead a team of experts in providing comprehensive oral health care to their patients in Downtown Washington, DC. The compassionate team of professionals boasts fifteen years of dental experience and a commitment to keep up with modern medical advancements by continuously enhancing their education.

West End Dental is strategically located and has modern equipment on-site, such as digital X-rays. This equipment applies much less radiation energy compared … Read the rest

Dental Solutions with High-Quality Services

Solutions for your dental disorder are available at Madison Family Dental Group. You can get relief from jaw pain in Fair Oaks with their trusted jaw pain treatment services. Jaw pain can be caused by teeth grinding, disorders of the temporomandibular joint, and an abscessed tooth, among others. Teeth grinding is clamping together the jaw and the teeth, and it’s very different from chewing. Teeth grinding can happen unknowingly when sleeping or when stressed out. People who grind their teeth when asleep can be provided with night guards. TMJ is a complication of the temporomandibular joint, the jaw’s connection with the skull’s temporal bones. Symptoms for TMJ are tender jaw muscles, earaches, pressure and pain behind eyes, popping sounds during … Read the rest

When Can You Receive A Bone Graft?

Bone grafting treatments are dental procedures that help strengthen the jawbone to allow dental implants to be placed or prevent other teeth from falling out. If you have missing teeth, you can replace them with dental implants, as they provide a sturdy alternative tooth replacement. The implants are drilled into the jawbone. When you have a bone graft, you make your jaw strong and able to hold the dental implant in place. Often bone grafting procedures use bone picked from another area of your body and inserted into the jawbone. You may have bone grafting replacements that are artificially produced and placed to offer more strength to your jaw. If you are looking forward to achieving a glorious smile through … Read the rest

Factors to Consider when Selecting a Dental Clinic

Choosing a Delray Beach dental clinic is a daunting task. There is a lot that goes into making such a decision.

Dental clinics are very different and the clinic you choose will have a significant impact on your health for the next several years. Therefore, you need to give the choice of a substantial amount of thought.

The following are the factors to consider when selecting a dental clinic:


As with any other business, the most important thing about a dental clinic is how well they deliver their services. Quality service is a hallmark of all great dental clinics and they take great pride in it.

Quality services mean that they showcase qualities such as punctuality, compassion, and honesty. … Read the rest

The Connection Between Oral Health and Overall Health

Sunshine Dental, Inc is one of the best oral health providers in Temecula, California. Oral health is very important for anyone who wants to maintain good overall health.

What most people do not know is that the connection between oral health and overall health is very important. Just because you exercise and eat right does not mean your mouth will be in good health as well.

Dental hygiene is a separate, yet crucial, part of overall health with special needs and processes. When it comes down to it, what is in your mouth will determine much about your health.

The following should help you see the connection between oral and overall health:


The entry point of food into the … Read the rest