Laser Skin Renewal Specialists in Marion

Aging signs such as acne or excess body and facial hair can be quite demoralizing. In the past, it was nearly impossible for one to get rid of these aging signs. However, medical advancements, such as the groundbreaking Micron laser peel in Marion, Ohio, have seen that one can remove unwanted hair, alleviate aging signs, and manage chronic conditions. The providers at the facility are welcoming to patients in Marion and the surrounding areas. Schedule for consultation with Dr. Foulk today!

What is Laser Skin Renewal?

Dr. Foulk provides laser skin renewal through versatile Sciton Laser. This device produces a dual-wavelength, which reaches out to your skin’s dermis. This energy targets the hyperpigmented areas of your skin, causing the lesion to rise to the skin’s surface and peel off after several days. This procedure targets sun spots, age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Additionally, the heat from this device heats the collagen tissues in your skin, stimulating collagen production. This collagen repairs itself naturally and tightens the skin to remove wrinkles. During this procedure, Dr. Foulk maintains your healthy skin by monitoring and cooling the skin.

A patient can choose either an ablative laser or several non-ablative laser sessions.

The ablative laser treatment targets the skin’s top layer, whereas the non-ablative targets are underlying skin tissues. Ablative treatment is quick but will cause face reddening for around two weeks. For those with tight schedules, non-ablative is recommendable as it requires minimal or no downtime.

What Extra Does Sciton Laser Offer?

Dr. Foulk uses Sciton laser treatment to perform various cosmetic procedures. Different viable treatment areas include the neck, face, or any other area that needs skin improvement. Some of the Sciton services include acne and acne scars, skin resurfacing, laser hair removal, photo facials, broad hand light (BBL), pro fractional, and skintyte. Some of the problems Sciton can help treat are eye bags, wrinkled skin, aging hands, skin sagging, hyperpigmentation, unwanted hair, and more.

How Does Skin Laser Renewal Prevent Aging Signs?

Sciton laser device is suitable for skin rejuvenation. If you notice any aging signs such as forehead furrows or crow’s feet, Sciton will encourage natural skin repair, ensuring that you maintain a vibrant and youthful look.

How Do Skin Lasers Treat Body or Facial Hair?

Dr. Foulk uses a Sciton laser to treat unwanted facial or body hair. Some of the areas it can address include upper lip, underarms, beard, bikini line, legs, backs, and shoulders. Dr. Foulk will ensure that he leaves you with clearer skin, prevents discoloration, and tones the skin.

Testimonials & Reviews

Dr. David Foulk values and appreciates feedback from their valued patients. To date, they boast a 4.85 out of 5-star rating on 165 collected reviews. Reach out to the facility to find out what other patients are saying about the facility.

In conclusion, Marion OBGYN offers quality cosmetic services through laser skin renewal, rejuvenation, and hair removal. Dr. Foulk ensures a customized treatment plan to meet their aesthetic needs. To learn more about their practice, call, or request online today for an appointment.