Family Medicine and Medical Spa by Samantha Lindsay

Samantha Lindsay, MD leads a team of medical practitioners at Family Medicine and Medical Spa, which has its locality in Lutz, Florida. The facility offers members to every family member regardless of whether it’s a newborn or an older person. As a family practitioner, Dr. Lindsay values spending time with each patient to enhance treatment through proper diagnosis and patient follow-up. The medical personnel at the center emphasize on preventive medical care to their patients to improve on their general health.

About Professionals

Before a medical career, Dr. Lindsay owned a day spa and served as a probation officer. These professions made her interact with many people and find ways to improve people’s lives. In her pursue to improve people’s lives and help them lead strong, healthy lives, she joined the medical field. The medical personnel at Family Medicine and Medical Spa are highly-skilled and knowledgeable in managing various health conditions and also treating multiple chronic diseases. Together, the specialists at the center aim at improving the general health of their patients.

About Services

To enhance individualized care in treatment procedures, the medical personnel spends more time with patients during the consultation, diagnosis, and actual treatments. The center provides treatments for both chronic conditions and reducing cholesterol levels in patients. Family Medicine and Medical Spa treat conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, hypothyroidism, and hyperlipidemia. Other services include double chin condition, chronic pulmonary obstructive disease, body sculpting, and annual patient examinations. The center shows a review of its successful sculpsure procedures through its sculpsure gallery.

The center emphasizes to its patients the need for preventive care procedures, to improve their health, by educating them on a healthy lifestyle change.  Family Medicine and Medical Spa also offer consultation services to their patients. The medical practitioners insist on consultation to understand the patient’s health problem before determining the right treatment procedure. There is an FAQ section on the facility’s website which provides additional information to patients or the general public concerning their practice.

How to contact the center

The center is open from Monday to Friday. A patient can reach the center by contacting them through mobile or scheduling an online appointment. If you have any concerns, questions, or comments regarding the facility, you can send a message to the center through their online website. Conveniently, people living around Florida can visit the center’s location to receive treatments or for consultation services.

Reviews and Blog posts

Family Medicine and Medical Spa appreciate reviews from their valued patients. These reviews are a reflection of the quality of services at the facility. To date, the center has collected thirty-five reviews with a rating of 4.89 out of 5 stars. The medical personnel uses blog articles to educate their patients and the general public about their practices. Some of the articles posted on the center’s website include; ‘the link between stress and hypertension, what is COPD and who is at risk?’  And many more.

The goal of this medical spa is to enhance long, strong, and healthy living in its patients. The team of medical practitioners at the center ensure individualized care to every patient and do not discriminate any patient. In addition to emphasizing the need for lifestyle changes, the spa offers treatments for various health conditions.