Finding an Ideal Orthopedic Specialist in La Jolla, CA and Chula Vista, CA

Orthopedic injuries might threaten your sports career, productivity at work, and quality of life. If you are in California you can visit Dr. Kristopher Downing and Dr. Daniel Brereton in La Jolla or Chula Vista for surgical and non-surgical remedies.

About the Practice

Upper Extremity Specialists of Synergy Orthopedic Specialists Medical Group provide treatment for upper extremities through surgical and non-surgical methods. Dr. Downing and Dr. Brereton provide overall orthopedic care with a specialization in orthopedic care of the upper extremity. The entire staff is qualified, certified, and motivated to provide relevant assistance.

The physicians of Upper Extremity Specialists will help you get quick relief from upper extremity trauma, injuries, and diseases through personalized care. The treatment plan includes meticulous/reparative orthopedics, surgical, or conservative non-operative orthopedics. The team also provides sports medicine diagnosis and treatment for all athletes.

The physicians work with each patient to make the recovery process rapid and safe to manage career-threatening injuries. As a new patient, you will receive a warm welcome and more accessible modes of payment through the acceptable insurance plans. You can visit the La Jolla or Chula Vista to get the services of a qualified team.

Available Services

Orthopedic services available at Upper Extremity Specialists Medical Group include:

Shoulder Injuries

 A shoulder injury hinders you from moving freely, reaching for objects, or lifting your arms. The physicians will give you a comprehensive diagnosis, innovative, and personalized treatment plan to speed up the recovery of your shoulder.

Elbow Injuries

 An elbow injury might limit your participation in sports and free movement of your hand. The orthopedic specialists provide customized treatment that repairs your elbow, allowing you to venture back to your daily activities with less pain.

Wrist Injuries

You might sustain a wrist injury when surviving a fatal fall at work, home, or while in a game. The doctors are experienced in handling wrist injuries, traumatic injuries, and nerve problems like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Hand Injuries

Dr. Downing and Dr. Brereton have a long-standing experience in the diagnosis and treatment of hand injuries to relieve you of pain and restore the functionality of your hand. You can visit the center to get relief from a wide range of hand injuries.

Regenerative Orthopedics

The regenerative orthopedics include lipoaspirate therapy and platelet-rich plasma injections to hasten the healing process. The team uses state of the art reparative therapies to hasten the recovery from injury and surgical pains.

Non-operative orthopedics

 Sometimes, you may not need to have an operation to remedy an arm, shoulder, wrist, elbow, or hand injuries. The specialists use physical therapy, reparative medicine, and medication to relieve you of pain.

Sports Medicine

 As an athlete, you are prone to sports injuries as your body is continuously exposed to physical stress. You can visit the upper extremity specialists for customized sport medicine procedures and counseling to reduce your chances of sports injuries.


 Trauma is likely to contribute to orthopedic injuries and complications that might affect the quality of your life. The team offers proficient diagnosis and treatment for trauma like tendon tears and fractures.

If you or your loved ones suffer orthopedic injuries, you can call Upper Extremity Specialists of Synergy Orthopedic Specialists Medical Group or make an appointment online from home.