Osteoporosis Treatment in Tampa

Osteoporosis refers to conditions resulting in weakness of bones and requires a proper diagnosis before undergoing any treatment. Dr. Jeffrey Miller leads a team of medical practitioners at Osteoporosis and Rheumatology Centre to offer treatments aimed at renewing the patient’s health and joint functioning. The center treats various conditions such as autoimmune diseases and back pain in Tampa. Dr. Miller’s dedication to his work gains him recognition as one of the best in Florida. Using his vast knowledge in osteoporosis, his skills, and the use of advanced medical technology, Dr. Miller provides quality treatments for his patients.

About Professionals

After completion of an undergraduate degree at Princeton University in New Jersey, Dr. Miller pursued a degree in medicine at Temple University, Pennsylvania. Dr. Miller refined his postgraduate studies at State University, New York, and later completed his internship training at the University of Pennsylvania hospital. Continued learning and incorporation of advanced medical practices give Dr. Miller enough knowledge in osteoporosis treatment procedures.

About Services

Dr. Miller focuses on providing individualized care to administer up-to-standard treatments for his patients. The doctor leads a team of specialists in performing diagnostic testing for each individual to determine the actual condition before applying any treatment. Some of these diagnostic services include bone density testing, nerve conduction studies, EKG/ Holtor monitoring, lab vaccinations, performing X-ray, and ultrasound scanning. These procedures determine even the most complicated condition causing osteoporosis.

After performing accurate diagnostic procedures on patients, Dr. Miller selects the most appropriate treatment for a patient. Some of these treatments include Methotrexate, Actemra, Aracept, Rituxan, gold, and Cellcept. General medical procedures performed at the center are fibromyalgia, inflammatory myopathies, lupus, reactive and psoriatic arthritis, tendinitis, and gout. To improve the overall health and body outlook of an individual, the center also performs procedures such as body contouring and collagen boosts.

Dr. Miller provides consultation services to patients. Through consultation, he provides patients with information on their service administration. Patients use Dr. Miller’s guidance and information to define the right treatment and its expected results. Residents in Tampa and its surrounding areas seeking medical attention on conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, their general health, and osteoporosis ought to consult services from this center.

How to Contact the Center

A patient can seek services from this center by contacting them by phone or schedule an appointment through their online website. More conveniently, one can pay a visit to the clinic in Tampa. The facility provides a section on their online site where a person can ask any questions about their services.

Reviews About the Center

Osteoporosis and Rheumatology Center value reviews from their patients on their services. These reviews act as a reflection of how well the services of the center are. To date, the center has collected one review with a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

Dr. Miller uses his knowledge and skills in the medical field to offer high-quality services to patients. Using his leadership skills, he guides a team of specialists at the Osteoporosis center in Tampa. The incorporation of advanced medical technology and diagnostic testing ensures individualized care for patients. Dr. Miller uses his blog articles as an educational tool to both patients and the general public, ensuring that people are well-informed about their services.