Different Types of Bariatric Surgery Implements in Buckhead, Atlanta, GA

Peachtree Surgical

Peachtree Surgical & Bariatrics is known for its excellent work and expertise in general surgery and bariatric surgery. Dr. Titus Duncan MD is the CEO of the clinic. Apart from the general and bariatric surgeon, he is also a GERD/reflux specialist. His team is known to be the first to perform laparoscopic bariatric surgery. They also perform several weight loss programs for patients who don’t qualify for bariatric surgery.

Dr. Titus Duncan and his team perform varieties of weight-loss surgeries. The three universal bariatric surgeries are:

Gastric Bypass/Roux-en-Y

The most common method is gastric bypass. This type of surgery is irreversible. It works by lowering the amount of food you can eat at one time, thereby decreasing nutrient absorption. The bariatric surgeon cuts across the top of your abdomen, separating it from the rest of it.

The pouch is a walnut-size that can only carry an ounce of food. The surgeon then cuts a piece of the tiny bowel and sews it directly onto the pouch. Food then goes directly into the small intestine sewn into this little pouch of the abdomen. Food dodges the majority of your belly, and instead enters the center of your intestine.

Sleeve Gastronomy

During a sleeve gastronomy surgery, 80% of the abdomen is removed, leaving an elongated, tube-like pouch. This reduced abdomen can’t store as much food as it used to. It also produces less ghrelin, the appetite-controlling secretion hormone, which can make you feel less hungry.

The current treatment has several advantages, including significant weight loss and no gut rerouting. In addition, sleeve gastronomy surgery involves a shorter hospital stay than other bariatric treatments.

Gastric Banding/Lap-Band

Gastric banding has been practiced in the United States for over 10 years. A bariatric surgeon places an adjustable silicone band around the upper belly. Only the lap band is adjustable out of the other two operations mentioned above. The amount of food a person’s belly can keep can be changed by adjusting the tightness of the band around the abdomen. However, this will again take the surgeon’s assistance after visiting his/her office.

It is possible to gain weight even after going through bariatric surgery. Bariatric surgeons in Atlanta, GA often recommend a good nutritional diet plan along with regular exercise. However, after bariatric surgery, a patient is suggested to follow a regimen to heal faster. If you feel that you are not losing weight, you should consult your surgeon immediately.