Common Causes of Shoulder Pain – How to Fix Them

Shoulder pain is a common problem, but it may affect the quality of your life. The shoulder comprises several joints, tendons, and muscles that allow movement in the arm. Shoulder pain or stiffness can affect your ability to perform activities such as driving, reaching for items in high shelves, and scratching your back. If you have Colonia shoulder pain, you should seek help immediately. Some of the most common causes of shoulder pain include:

Rotator Cuff Injuries

The rotator cuff refers to tendons and muscles surrounding the shoulder joint. They connect the upper arm bone and the shoulder blade. Bursae are tiny sacs that lubricate the ligaments, tendons, and bones to reduce friction.

If you overuse or strain your tendons, you are likely to have rotator cuff injuries. Tendonitis is an injury that results from the irritation or inflammation of the tendons. If your bursae swell, you may have bursitis. Both tendonitis and bursitis are common problems that cause stiffness.

The most common cause of disability and pain in the United States is rotator cuff tear. Every year, about two million people need to see a doctor because of the problem. It is a painful injury that could cause shoulder weakness.

If you have rotator cuff injuries, the right treatment is to ice the affected area and minimize movement. Your doctor may prescribe medication like ibuprofen.


This is the most common type of arthritis. Millions of people get the problem when the cartilage cushioning their bones wears down. The problem mostly affects the knee, spine, and hip joints. It is possible to manage or reverse the symptoms of arthritis.

If you have osteoarthritis, you may develop a deep pain in your shoulder. As it gets worse, it may cause stiffness and affect your ability to perform daily activities.

Without treatment, the symptoms of osteoarthritis get worse over time. The risk factors for arthritis include bone deformity, obesity, age, joint injuries, genetics, and repeated stress on your joints.

Rotator Cuff Tears

The most apparent sign of rotator cuff tears is shoulder pain at night. The pain makes it difficult to sleep. Another sign is experiencing pain when attempting to reach objects on high shelves or lifting heavy objects.

The best treatment option for rotator cuff tears is resting. Avoid strenuous activities and apply some ice to the affected area. Physical activity and medication may help with the pain. If you have severe pain, you may need a corticosteroid injection. It is a powerful medication that could help you sleep better at night. If medication does not work, you may require surgery.

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in your body. It makes it possible to perform most of your daily activities. Even though shoulder pain can have a significant impact on the quality of your life, it does not need to be a permanent problem.

There are lots of possible treatment options. They include medication, cognitive behavioral therapy, physical therapy, rest, and ice application.