Benefits of Skin Tightening

We all experience specific changes as we get older, and collagen’s breakage is among them. This is not something to worry about, though, because skin tightening can be performed to correct the wrinkles and saggy skin that results. With old age, the skin’s shape will begin to change. Most people have turned to plastic surgery to rectify this condition, but we have other strategies that are minimally invasive and can tighten the skin. We are going to discuss some of these benefits in this article. For skin tightening in Hampton Roads visit Women First GYN for more information.

Advantages of Tightening Your Skin

Here are some key merits of having a skin tightening:

1. It makes the aging process slow down

With this procedure, the collagen gets strengthened, thus making you age more slowly. There will be an immediate change in your appearance once this procedure is conducted as your skin looks tighter after the fiber’s contraction. The benefits increase gradually, making your skin structure more appealing.

2. It has the least discomfort

Clients undergoing the non-surgical methods to tighten their skin have minimal pain, and most of them have described this procedure as cool and tolerable. This process lasts for about one hour, and most patients head home immediately after it is done. This is an advantage because one can go on with their day immediately after the procedure.

skin tightening in Hampton Roads

3. Eliminates fine lines and wrinkles

In this process, radio frequency energy is sent to the deep layers of the skin, leading to collagen production which in turn makes the skin tighter. It eliminates the wrinkle cartridge, a condition that occurs in the eye area. You will go back to your youthful appearance with it.

4. It has natural results

In the skin tightening process, the skin is not made to stretch in powerful ways. This keeps it safe from injuries that often occur after a surgical treatment. The process used at Women First GYN is completely noninvasive and utilizes natural healing of the body.

5. Enhances elasticity

With the collagen stimulated through the skin tightening process, there will be an increase in skin elasticity, thus improving your facial features. With the heating, the collagen becomes firmer after its contraction. The same heat also leads to the emergence of new cells.

6. Lacks downtime

It is possible for clients undergoing this procedure to head home immediately after this procedure is conducted, and they can resume their daily activities. Skin tightening is ideal for patients who do not like wasting time or are ever busy running errands. The patient can also drive herself home with ease.


As we get older, we experience loose and saggy skin. Even if this occurs naturally, some people are not comfortable with their skin being in this shape. Skin tightening has come to save these people from their woes. It is a procedure that is carried out to repair loose or damaged skin. Contact Women First GYN today to schedule your appointment.