It is Essential You Know About Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

Every man’s mind runs on how he can have the best ability when it comes to having sex. Erectile dysfunction is whereby you are unable to keep your erection firm during sexual intercourse. Many reasons would make you not withhold your erection, which includes health and psychological problems. However, it is vital to open up about the erection problem to your doctor since this problem is treatable. If you have erection problems, consult erectile dysfunction in Coconut Creek for treatment. Below are the primary causes of erectile dysfunction.

The primary causes of erectile dysfunction             

Many reasons may result in poor erection during sexual intercourse. These issues can be health problems or psychological problems. When erectile dysfunction is not managed and treated, it can lead to break-ups of relationships, adultery in women, and disrespect. They include:

  •       Diabetes. The high sugar level is the primary cause of poor erection in people with diabetes. According to health institutions, sugar affects how your blood flows in your body. Since your erection is based on how your blood flows in the penis, you may lose the erection due to improper blood flow
  •       Depression and stress. Depression and anxiety may affect your erection, thus you cannot have sex to satisfaction. Depression affects your concentration while having sex making your penis collapse. Since Depression is treatable, it is vital to seek treatment as soon as possible.
  •       Hypertension. High blood pressure may promote early ejaculation.  Blood pressure increases your blood flow, thus affecting your penis muscle.
  •       Obesity and overweight. When you are overweight or obese, your sex performance decreases. This body condition also promotes erectile dysfunction.

Other causes include low testosterone, kidney diseases, age, drug use, hormonal imbalance, and relationship problems. Below are ways erectile dysfunction can be treated.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction

Many treatment methods are determined by the underlying cause. Treatments include:

  •       Medication. Medication may be prescribed to treat the underlying health condition. However, since other health conditions like diabetes are not treatable, medication is prescribed to manage its effects.  Anti-depressants are also introduced to manage and minimize the impact of depression. Moreover, if your erection problem is based on hormonal imbalance, medication can be done to stimulate the regeneration of hormones. Medicine like tadalafil, avanafil, and vardenafil can be prescribed to enhance your blood flow.
  •       Therapy. A therapist deals with psychological factors like depression, relationship problems, anxiety, stress, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Your therapist will try to dig deeper into the cause of your psychological condition. After a belief talk, your therapist may try to find a solution to your problems. However, your therapist may also involve your wife so that everything can run smoothly.

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder that affects most men across the world. These conditions can be either health issues or psychological problems. It is essential to seek treatment or get a therapist so that you can improve your sex performance.