3 Fears You Need to Overcome When Seeking Egg Donation

Although a growing form of assisted reproduction, egg donation is a concept that is faced with many challenges. Parents seeking an egg donor will often find themselves experiencing cultural and social stigmas. These challenges tend to make the reality of egg donation obscure. Many parents are unable to make decisions as to whether or not they should get the help of an egg donor. The misconceptions surrounding West Hollywood egg donation need to be addressed intuitively by the parties involved, including the egg donor agencies, the egg donation clinics, and the donor to ensure that the beneficiaries understand the process and how they can easily overcome the social and cultural stigmas they face.

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To ensure the process of acquiring an egg donor and accepting the reality does not seem intimidating to you, it is vital to be aware of the following fears and deal with them head-on.

1. You will not bond with your baby

Many people seeking egg donation are held back by the fear that they will not be able to bond with the baby. Of course, there is a lack of a genetic link between the baby and the parent receiving the donation. However, this does not mean that you cannot bond with your baby. What you need to realize is that building a bond with a child comes from things deeper than just the DNA.

Many people adopt children and create a very strong parent-child bond. While it may take some time to establish and fully bond with the child, you need to understand that this is normal. Bonding cannot happen overnight, and you need to be patient and play your role.

2. Donor not being thoroughly screened before the donation cycle

Often, you may find it difficult to accept and trust that a third-party who is offering you assisted reproduction has smartly done their work. It may be easy to doubt the egg donation process, especially the screening of the donor. The best thing you can do is deal with an egg donor clinic or agency you trust.

Egg donor clinics and agencies in the U.S operate under strict rules and guidelines. They need to comply with the regulations regarding the donor screening process. You do not need to worry much about the screening of the donor, your donor clinic or agency knows their work, and their team is held to strict protocols.

3. A donor may not understand her role in the donation process

Egg donors may be some naïve young women, but this does not mean they do not understand what role they play in this process. When seeking egg donation, you may think that a particular donor is only after the cash and they do not understand the medical risks and the emotional challenges that come with the process.

Part of the screening procedure is to establish the motivation of the egg donor and make her understand her role in the process. The egg donor clinic educates the donor about the potential risks and how to go about them. Make sure that you are dealing with an experienced donor agency that works closely with reputable clinics during the screening process. California Center for Reproductive Health makes sure that the intended parents, the donors, and the babies have a safe and fulfilling experience. Book an appointment with your doctor to learn more about egg donation.