Effective Ways to Combat Allergies

A large number of individuals suffer from allergies and their symptoms. Do you experience itchy eyes, persistent sneezing, or a stuffy nose? These symptoms may be indicators of an allergy. XBody Health, Wellness, and Spa are your trusted solution for allergies in Wayne. They lead in offering allergy testing, medications, and immunotherapy to help you realize long-term allergy relief. Schedule a visit with them for an excellent allergy treatment solution.

About Allergies

Allergies come up when your immune system reacts to specific substances that do not affect most people. Exposure to common allergens may cause skin reactions such as rashes or sinus discomfort. Common allergens include

  •       Certain foods
  •       Animal dander
  •       Latex
  •       Particular medications
  •       Pollen
  •       Dust mites or molds

It is possible to be allergic to more than one substance. There is a wide range of symptoms associated with allergies, and they can be detrimental to your health if left unmanaged. If allergy symptoms persist, seek medical attention.

Symptoms of Allergies

Various signs and symptoms may be indicators of an allergic reaction. They include

  •       Stuffy or running nose
  •       Swellings on the face
  •       Rashes
  •       Red, swollen eyes
  •       Persistent sneezing
  •       Wheezing or shortness of breath
  •       Itchy skin, nose, or eyes.
  •       Anaphylaxis – this is a severe allergic reaction that leads to lightheadedness, a drop in blood pressure, and shortness of breath. This condition can lead to unconsciousness if not adequately treated.

Diagnosing Allergies

At XBody Health, Wellness, and Spa, your service provider employs several diagnostic tests such as skin prick and blood tests to reveal the substance causing your allergy. Blood tests are used to measure the number of specific antibodies in your bloodstream. On the other hand, skin prick tests monitor your skin’s reaction to allergens, whereby a swelling or redness often indicates an allergy.

Allergies occur if your immune system overreacts to specific foods or environmental changes. Allergy blood testing is also a method used to reveal your allergies and diets you are sensitive to.

Treatment Options for Allergies

After diagnosis, your allergy treatment will depend on the type and severity of your allergy symptoms. Treatment options include

  •   Medications – your physician may recommend taking over-the-counter medicine, nasal sprays, or eye drops to alleviate you from allergy symptoms. This option is standard in cases of seasonal allergies.
  •   Avoidance – you might be advised to avoid allergen substances causing your allergies such as latex or food substances. However, this treatment option might be inappropriate if you are allergic to airborne substances.
  •   Emergency Epinephrine – if your allergy is severe, your physician might recommend carrying emergency epinephrine shot with you. This injection assists in relieving severe symptoms until you can access medical treatment.
  •   An Immunotherapy – your practitioner may also recommend allergy shots or immunotherapy. This type of treatment alleviates allergy symptoms from allergens such as mold, dust mites, or pollen. Find out whether you are eligible for this allergic treatment which can be administered within your office or at the comfort of your home to manage your allergy.

Refuse to live with chest tightness, watery eyes and nose, and other harsh symptoms of allergies. Contact XBody Health, Wellness, and Spa for a customized, top-class allergy treatment to experience a healthier life.