Manage Your Spider Veins through Sclerotherapy in Tallahassee


Your veins form some of the most crucial parts of your circulatory system, and if they fail to function normally for any reason, you can experience enlarged and bulging veins on your skin. This can be spider veins or varicose veins. Although most people experiencing these conditions do not develop serious complications, they can affect how you feel about your appearance. But, Charles W. Kent, MD, and the Tallahassee Vein & Face Clinic team of medical experts can improve your symptoms through minimally invasive sclerotherapy. Follow through to see how.

How Sclerotherapy is used

While conservative measures such as losing weight, wearing compression stockings, and elevating the leg can improve spider or varicose veins, they may not be effective in managing your condition completely. That is why your provider opts for a more effective sclerotherapy procedure to eliminate the existing vessels. This is achieved by injecting a sclerosant substance into each of the vessels. This substance irritates the vessel’s walls causing them to stick to each other and eventually collapse.

Candidates for Sclerotherapy

Although sclerotherapy procedure is safe and effective in managing spider veins, not everyone is a good candidate. Dr. Kent will evaluate your condition and other factors to determine if you are a viable candidate for the procedure. If you are pregnant, unfortunately, the treatment procedure will not be recommended for you. If you had a blood clot earlier, your candidacy would depend on why you had the clot, the health state of the treatment area, your overall well-being, and your unique needs.

What You Can Expect

When Dr. Kent verifies your eligibility, the treatment procedure will be underway. Some medications need to be avoided during your treatment, and it would help to notify your provider of the medications you are using. This includes over-the-counter and prescription medications or vitamin and herbal supplements.

As mentioned earlier, sclerotherapy involves using a needle to inject an irritant agent into your damaged veins. Depending on your needs, special techniques can be used to inject the solution, and you might need several injections for optimal results.

The mass of veins treated in one session depends on the veins’ size and location and your overall health. The procedure is performed in the office and should take about 30 minutes, although it depends on the veins’ size and location.

You might feel a cramping sensation during your treatment, but it only lasts for a minute or two. You will be able to go back home, although you may need to refrain from aerobic activities for several days.

Why Sclerotherapy?

There are many reasons why sclerotherapy remains effective in managing spider and varicose veins even after medical interventions. One of the main reasons is that it improves the legs’ cosmetic appearance by eliminating the enlarged and bulging veins in a minimally invasive way. No general anesthesia is required, and you do not have to stay in the hospital overnight.

Other reasons include:

  •       It is safe and available for everyone
  •       It is fast
  •       Boosts confidence and self-esteem

Indeed, sclerotherapy is the treatment procedure you require for your spider or varicose veins. Reach out to Dr. Kent today and learn more about this effective treatment and learn if it is suitable for you.